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BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!

New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.


Breast milk's carbs can protect against bacteria-based illnesses

Breast milk contains a natural form of antibiotics that can help fight of bacterial illnesses, a new study claims.


Here’s looking at you, kid: how webcams help parents bond with premature babies

Webcam technology may very well be "the difference between stressful anxiety and peace of mind for new parents", says Susan Kerr.


Mother shows strangers her ill daughter is not ‘contagious’ by showering her with love

Doctors believe she is one of the youngest patients to have such a severe case.


Mom shares powerful post on the pains of breastfeeding

“This photo depicts my reality of this breastfeeding journey so far."


Watch the emotional moment newborn baby clings to her mother’s face

In the clip, Ágata appears to lovingly embrace her mother's cheek as the medical team looks on in awe.


A mom’s story: I regret keeping my baby

A doctor advised this Pretoria mom to terminate her pregnancy – she didn't. But 29 years later, she wishes she had.


Guess what this picture is made of?

Artist Serge Belo creates an amazing art installation using rain water.


What moms are saying about breastfeeding on Twitter

Twitter moms share the highs, lows and hilarious parts of breastfeeding.


Surprising uses for breast milk

Have you used breast milk to clear your baby's blocked nose? Then you may be interested to learn of other, less obvious ways moms use their milk!


These mini Disney princess photoshoots will make you broody

Warning: This article contains the cutest pictures you will ever see.


The Nanny Series

From finding the right nanny to protecting her and your rights, here's everything you have to know when you're thinking of employing a nanny.


You, your nanny cam, and the law

Nanny cameras don't have to be sinister. They can be a great safety tool for your nanny and children and you can use it to tune in at specific times to join in a party, for example. Just make sure you comply with the law.


8 simple ways moms can turn baby products into beauty products

Bum cream for acne? Nipple cream for dry lips? Forget those overly priced beauty products that may or may not work. Here's a list of baby products to add to your daily routine.


5 reasons why mom who fails at yoga is all of us

Mom's tale of farting during yoga is going viral because it could have been any of us.


Let's talk about why breastfeeding is still taboo in some communities?

Even though South Africa has made great strides when it comes to breastfeeding, it's still not accepted in most public places. We need to understand why.


What you need to know about HIV and your child's carer

What happens if you suspect your nanny may be HIV-positive? Does it pose a risk for your family and should you look for someone else? The answers are no and no. Here's why.


WATCH: Getting your toddler to help with the baby

Toddlers are not always the best helpers when it comes to helping with their new siblings.


Babywearing is not an alternative to a car seat

Even though babywearing is 100% safe, it is not to be used in place of a car seat.


How baby Ava's parents helped to make SA creches safer

Judge holds the childcare facility and local government accountable for infant’s tragic death.

Development & Behaviour

Milestones: our list of articles you have to read

Want to know if your baby or toddler is reaching their milestones? We've rounded up some great articles about your baby's development to answer all your questions.


My newborn has jaundice!

It is reported that Beyoncé's twins have baby jaundice. Baby jaundice is very common – around half of newborns will develop a yellow tinge on the second or third day after birth.


What moms have to say about the Baby Throne

SPONSORED: When making big purchases it's always good to hear what moms who are actually using it have to say.


PRINT IT: Baby Layette list of everything baby will need

So you're expecting your very first bundle of joy, here are the things you might want to add to your shopping list.


Ridiculously unnecessary gadgets for new parents

An espresso machine for baby? A cry translator? They're cool and ultra-convenient, but are they necessary?


Baby waiting for the beat to drop is just the cutest!

Watch this little one have her own dance party in the car.
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