Baby food


Baby food

PRINT IT: Baby-led weaning meal planner

With baby-led weaning your baby can eat from the family meal. Here are some great recipes and a free meal planner to help you on your baby-led weaning journey.

Baby food

20 baby food myths busted!

Moms are bombarded with nutritional information. How do you separate the old wives’ tales from the gems, the science from the pseudo-science? We put some commonly held beliefs to the test

Baby food

When is cow's milk safe for baby?

Experts recommend that babies only be given cow’s milk after the age of 12 months.

Baby food

Great recipes from 'Healthy Food for a Healthy Baby'

Author Monique Le Roux Forslund talks to Parent24 editor about her brand new book.

Baby food

Tips on what you look out for when buying baby food

Food labels can give you a lot of information about what is good for your family.

Baby food

Recipes to help you wean your breastfed baby

Baby-led weaning is a great way to introduce solids and author of Monique Le Roux Forslund tells us how.

Baby food

Is my baby ready for solids?

Use our checklist to be sure your baby can handle the next step. 

Baby food

Watch: Baby goes bananas

This video proves that laughing at something as silly as a banana can bring so much joy.

Baby food

The new baby food rules

Stressing about solids can turn a fun experience into a fraught one. We bust or confirm five feeding myths so you can read on- and feed on- confidently!

Baby Multimedia

Babies eating lemons for the first time... IN SLOW MOTION

The most hilarious and awesome display of babies tasting lemons for the first time.

Baby food

Do the mash

Homemade baby food is not as scary as it seems.

Baby food

10 of the best ways to start solids

Tackle this major baby milestone confidently with our great tips.

Baby food

How to ditch the bottle

You CAN get rid of your child's bottle without having an anxious toddler!

Baby food

Going from bottle to cup

Introducing a sippy cup is just another step your growing baby is making towards independence. Follow these easy steps to success.

Baby food

Jamie Oliver's 5 healthy recipes for babies

Perfect for tiny hands, try these healthy recipes by Jamie Oliver and The Chiappas.

Baby food

Baby ready for solids?

How will you know if your baby is ready for solids? Zelda Ackerman, registered dietician gives some valuable guidelines!

Baby food

Baby's first solid food

Zelda Ackerman, registered dietician, start solid introduction with her own baby. She shares valuable information that will empower Mothers and Fathers!
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