Your baby: Week 16

What's the baby up to?

This is the age when your baby’s personality starts to show itself. You will be excited by their reaction to you and other familiar people.

Month 4 milestones

• Baby starts to babble.
• She’ll laugh out loud and keep you all in stitches too
• She can lift her head up 45 degrees and hold it steady
• She recognises your face and scent.

Other stuff to think about

When will my baby start teething?

A baby’s first tooth can arrive as early as 3 months, but the average age is 7 months. Teeth don’t really cut through the gum as most people think. It’s a natural process which occurs gradually, often with few or no problems. Teething does not cause illness in itself but does seem to come hand in hand with other minor symptoms. It can be confused with an infection or ailment, so if symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or get worse, look for other possible causes. Expect:

• Drooling
• A cough – due to increased saliva
• A chin or face rash
• Biting
• Pain and discomfort
• Diarrhoea
• Refusal to feed
• Irritability
• Struggling to sleep
• Ear pulling

Teething soothing tips

• Encourage your baby to bite on a cold, rubber teething ring. Rubber is easy to clean, can’t be swallowed and doesn’t injure the gums.
• Make sure your baby is drinking lots of fluids as babies can often become dehydrated.
• Oral teething gel can help ease teething discomfort as it numbs the gum for a short time.
• Remember to check with your pediatrician before giving your baby any medication.

Teething Timeline

16 weeks of pregnancy
Tooth development starts in the womb. By the fourth month of pregnancy, your baby’s front teeth have already started to form.

3- 6 months
The lower front central teeth (incisors) are usually the first to poke their way through the gum.

7 months
Upper front central teeth (incisors) are seen.

12 – 16 months
The first primary molars make their appearance.

16 -20 months
The canines appear next to the incisors.

20 – 30 months
The second molars appear.

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