Debate: Strict, flexible or no routine for young children?

Routine can play a very important role in a child's life. Or are there different ways? Read all about it. 


Your baby: What's normal, what's not

As a mom you’re more in tune with your baby than anybody else. But when there’s a change in how he looks or acts, should you head for emergency room? Here are the most common signs for alarm.


Meet the nanny

How to find the perfect match for you and baby.


The perfect storm of reflux: A real-life story

With a baby intentionally starving himself, Ian and Kate Rodney had to find answers urgently


Adele on becoming a mom: "I felt I'd made the worst decision of my life"

The hit singer says she's too scared to have a second child after she struggled with postnatal depression after the birth of her firstborn.


How to change a baby's nappy in a restaurant

So yes, sometimes you'll have to do a nappy change someplace other than on the carefully stocked changing table in her baby room. We help you navigate this potentially tricky situation.


Top teething truths and tricks you should try

Cutting those little milk teeth can be trying times for babies and parents.

Care & Nutrition

Sore nipples suck: Steer clear of the sting

Maybe your nipples are novices. They may be new to the feeding scene and therefore, they may take a real beating when you first start. We share a few tips to take care of your nips.


Is circumcision necessary or harmful?

If you've had a baby boy you've probably been asked about circumcision. Is the procedure necessary or harmful? Here's what the law says.


Would you trust a self-driving pram?

Technology of the future or is this just completely ridiculous?


How to choose the right baby carrier

Wrap, sling or baby carrier? Find the right one for you and your baby.


Are hospital security measures good enough?

We do from time to time hear about babies stolen from maternity wards. So we asked you what you thought about the security in the South African hospitals where you gave birth.


The Rock proves once again that he's the best dad

Dwayne Johnson and other celeb dads on Instagram are showing the world just what modern fatherhood is all about.


#CarseatFullstop campaigning for change

Every child in a car seat every time no matter what. No ifs or buts.


5 nappy rash tricks to try

Don’t spend a fortune on creams until you’ve tried these simple solutions.


Are cloth nappies really cheaper than disposables?

Here's a detailed breakdown, including water and electricity usage, of how much cloth nappies will cost you compared to disposables.


Why are so many crèches opposed to cloth nappies?

We look at the common objections and what the law says.


Our favourite dads on the interwebs

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH JOHNSON'S: Bloggers, vloggers, Twitter dads and celebs, here are the ones you need to follow.


10 baby hacks to help you through that crazy first year

Being a first time parent can be a daunting experience. Here are some great hacks from veteran parents to help you through that first year.


Moms and Tots parking: when to stop?

We asked our Facebook users what they thought and here's what they had to say.


As soft and safe as a mom's touch

Why baby powder is not just good for baby's skin, but wellbeing too.


Is it really nappy rash?

While nappy rash is a common complaint, it's important to know exactly what you're dealing within order to know how to treat it.
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