The Easy Baby podcasts
Chiropractor Dr Michael Marinus presents a series of podcasts to help with your crying and colicky baby.

When you become a mother, they hand you this brand-new baby and it doesn't come with an instruction manual. When you're faced with a crying baby and you're not quite sure what needs doing, it can be quite stressful. Add to that a baby that is suffering from colic and your have very frazzled parents.

Chiropractor Dr Michael Marinus presents a series of wonderful podcasts about how you can make sense of your baby's cries and how to soothe colic and reflux in fussy babies. Have a listen to them below.

Episode 1: Why does my baby cry?

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Episode 2: How to approach crying babies

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Episode 3: What is colic?

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Episode 4: How to deal with colic

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Episode 5: Reflux

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