The womb world - The secret to a calm baby
What happens in the womb? Have a look at this video brought to you by Baby Sense in which Dr. Welma Lubbe explains it all.

From the moment of conception 46 chromosomes and 30 000 genes combine to form a unique new person.  Before a mother even realises she is pregnant her baby’s sense of touch has started to develop. At 15 weeks your baby has taste buds similar to adults, at 23 weeks your baby can respond to loud noises, and at 32 weeks he can track a bright light shone onto your tummy. We are walking miracles! But does what happens in the womb before birth have an effect on my newborn baby’s behaviour? Dr. Welma Lubbe, who is a registered nurse and advanced midwife and lecturer, shares some secrets of the unborn world.

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