The battle to breastfeed

Breastfeeding doesn't come as naturally as one would have thought. This is one mom's story about her breastfeeding journey.


Readers respond: Mom catches daycare worker feeding her baby

A number of readers shared what they thought of the daycare worker feeding another woman's baby without her permission.


Mom caught daycare worker breastfeeding her baby

A North Carolina, US, mother says surveillance video at the daycare where she works caught another worker breastfeeding her 3-month-old son without permission.


Can I breastfeed after breast surgery?

Whether you’ve had them enhanced or reduced, any type of breast surgery can have implications on whether or not you can breastfeed.


Your breastmilk is crawling with bacteria! And that's a good thing

A study by the University of Cape Town has found live bacteria, viruses and fungi in breastfmilk, explaining why breastmilk helps to build a strong immunity in babies.


This mom donated breastmilk for 3 months after her baby died

With a generous, broken heart, she managed to reach her goal of expressing and donating over 60 litres of breastmilk, which set 6 babies apart for the rest of their lives.


Cracked nipples? All your breastfeeding problems sorted

It's one of those things that may be much harder than it looks, but it's worth persevering with breastfeeding because of the amazing benefits for your baby and you.


How to latch

Here are some tips from a La Leche League leader on how to get breastfeeding right in the hospital.


Breastfeeding: 10 steps to health, wealth and happiness

In celebration of Breastfeeding Week, prof Linda Richter counts the benefits of breastfeeding in South Africa, steps to help breastfeeding mothers, and ways in which society can still be more breastfeeding friendly.


Index page: All about breastfeeding

Parent24's index page to help moms find all the breastfeeding answers they need.


Breastfeeding made easy

While breastfeeding is a natural biological process, it may feel like rocket science in the early days. Read our tips and advice on how to successfully breastfeed your new baby


Breastfeeding basics

We have all heard the slogan “breast if best” but breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally to new moms, and it may take some patience and persistence to get breastfeeding established successfully.


How to boost breastmilk

Although a balanced, wholesome diet and some herbal supplements do help, boosting milk supply is mostly about getting the basics right.


Breastfeeding benefits... for you!

Yes, yes I know. It's good for my baby. But is there something in it for me too?


Breastfeeding: Getting started

The first two days of breastfeeding can be tricky. Be patient, it does get better.


How to wind your baby

This great video shows how to feed your baby to minimise trapped wind, and how to wind baby after the feed.


Breastfeeding blues

Many moms expect breastfeeding to be a breeze and are discouraged and distressed when problems arise. While nursing your baby is a natural process, it is also a learned art – information and support are vital for ensuring an enjoyable experience and dealing with potential difficulties.


‘I breastfed my adopted son’

Breast or bottle? Mom of two Tracy has done both.


How to store expressed breastmilk

Not sure about what the proper method is to storing expressed breastmilk? Click here to find out:


Top breastfeeding tips

How to get breastfeeding off to a good start.


Part 1 - Breastfeeding: The Le Leche league

Kim Jurgens from the Le Leche league, talks about the organisation and what it stands for.


Part 2 - Breastfeeding: What to expect in the beginning

Kim Jurgens from the Le Leche League, talks about what a mother can expect when she first starts breastfeeding.
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