Bonding with your new baby
Scared you may not be bonding with your little one immediately? It's easy to learn how to bond - here are a few tips.

Tips on bonding with your new baby

Turn off the phone

Many moms find it easier to build on their bond with baby, once they get home away from the bustle of the maternity ward. Forget about the housework and just concentrate on getting to know each other. Everything else can wait.

Skin-to-skin contact

This is a wonderful way to bond. Your baby will be comforted by your heartbeat, your smell and the feel of your skin.


There is no greater way to bond with your baby than to breastfeed. If you’re bottle-feeding, get the bonding benefits by holding baby close, making eye contact and feeding skin-to-skin 

Bath together

Some moms (and dads) find it easier and less traumatic to get into the bath together. Hop into the lukewarm bath and ask your partner to carefully hand you the baby and take her back to be dried and dressed.

Nap together

You need all the sleep you can get and fortunately babies do a lot of it. Why not cuddle up together for a snooze in the afternoon? There’s nothing nicer than dropping off with a warm little body and waking up to the sight of a sleeping baby. Just make sure you follow the guidelines for safe co-sleeping

Dad time

It’s just as important for dad to spend alone time with his new baby. It’s sometimes hard for moms to let go, but dad needs to build his skills and confidence and get to know the baby too. Dads can bath, bottle-feed, wind and snuggle just as well as moms 

Sing a song

Babies love the sound of your voice and find it deeply comforting. They will stare in deep concentration while you sing anything from lullabies to pop songs 

Wear your baby

A sling or just a blanket lets you keep baby close while you move around the house. Your movements, heartbeat, smell and warmth are all soothing for your newborn 


The sound of your voice is a constant reassurance to your baby. Although it will be a while before she has a clue what you are saying, she will quickly learn to understand your tone – and you will quickly learn to understand hers

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