All about preemies
17 November is World Prematurity Day and we have all the info and encouragement you might need if you've just had a preemie.

Giving birth prematurely and having a baby in the NICU is a very stressful situation for new parents to be in. You're worrying about your child's survival and sometimes you're not even allowed to hold your little one for a while.

We've rounded up some stories that will give you some information and stats on preemies as well as some success stories to give you some hope.

Kangaroo care for preemies
Skin-to-skin contact with mom and dad helps premature babies stabilise.

The importance of preterm nurses
Celebrate the important work of maternity nurses with pre-term babies by sharing the story of one midwife and re-uniting her with the “grown-up” children she helped to care for when they were preemies.

Born at 26 weeks

A dad shares the story of the dramatic arrival of his premature twins.

Home with our premature twins
At last, after months in hospital, family life can begin. But with premature twins, nothing is simple.

Twins at creche
After a shaky start our premature twins are growing up as strong individuals, says this devoted dad.

When birth goes wrong
Coping with the trauma of premature birth or the loss of a preemie.

WATCH: A premature baby's 80 days in NICU
Watch the amazing progress of this tiny preemie and learn more about premature babies.

World’s tiniest baby: A success story
The world’s tiniest premature baby grows up to be healthy.

Our adopted son was a premmie
When Terri and her husband decided to adopt a baby they never expected him to be premature.

Myths and truths about premature births
We clear up some of the things that are said to cause premature birth.

My premature baby
Never give up when having a Preemie, God has a purpose for that child’s life.

My premature miracle

"I had so many questions and very few answers."

Premature birth at 27 weeks

A reader's story. 

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