My premature miracle baby
"I had so many questions and very few answers."

While I was having my 1st baby I was supper excited and everything went well.

Five years down the line I found out I was expecting baby number 2!!! Only wanting the best for my baby I changed my diet.

I did everything to have a healthy baby but at 5 months I started having minor labour pains and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks.

While doctors did everything they could to prolong the birth of my second child their help wasn't in vain.

By the time I reached 6 months the labour pains came and were really intense. My body was ready to deliver this baby.

I rushed off to the hospital & just about managed to get onto the bed when my baby was born, tiny & fragile.

There he lay on me for a split second before the doctors rushed him away from me.

Fear and anger filled my heart. Disappointment rushed through me! Why me & why my baby? All I heard the nurses say repeatedly was, “He's not going to make it. She should have gone to a hospital equipped to deliver premature babies”

I was then taken up to the ward where I lay and questioned myself. I didn't know if my baby was alive or not. I didn't even know what my baby looked like.

Family and friends came to visit me and I still hadn't been to see my baby. It was only after two days that I gained the courage to go and see my son.

There he lay; a tiny 1.8kg little angel amongst all these beautiful big full term babies. More fear filled me as I got closer to his incubator and saw all the monitors & drips attached to his body.

I had so many questions and very few answers.

The road to his discharge was not easy. I was on a emotional roller coaster. At one point my baby's weight dropped down to 900 grams. He had no sucking reflex so I had to learn from a speech therapist how to massage his gums to get him to learn how to suck.

During those three weeks in hospital I had good and bad days. I watched many mothers and their perfectly healthy babies leave the hospital while I constantly felt as if I'd never going home.

Today my baby will be 3 years old and he's the most lively little guy. Yes he has a few complications having been born so early but his life is truly a blessing and a miracle to our family.

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