Premature birth at 27weeks
A reader's story.

This is our story:

I was supposed to give birth on 18th July 2010 according to my scans. I was 23yrs old at the time with what seemed to be a normal pregnancy to me and my gynae.

On Saturday the 17th April 2010, I woke up and felt like an elephant even though I was 27 weeks pregnant and still very small. The problem arose when everything I ate would come back up even water.

At about 6pm I decided to go to nearest MOU. After they tested my urine and blood pressure I was told my baby was going to come out. I argued that it was too early but I was told I was going to have a stroke as my blood pressure was too high and an ambulance was called for me to be moved to Groote Schuur hospital.

To say that I was scared is just the tip of the iceberg. Tears were streaming down. Everything was happening all at once, I didn’t have time to think or process what was happening.

I was induced but that also didn’t go according to plan as 3 days of being induced and nothing was happening. By that time she had stopped kicking.

I was told to prepare myself for the worst.

On the fourth day of induction, they inserted a balloon and filled it with water to open my cervix. That was the most painful thing ever.

On the 21st April 2010 at 19:50 I gave birth to a baby girl; 700g and she wasn’t breathing. No cries, nothing. What I thought was the worst case scenario had become reality.

I found the following day that she was alive and was in ICU. She stayed in hospital for 54 days, only living on breast milk from me. I took her home at 1.5kg, still a tiny little human but she was alive.

Doctors told me that the best thing you can do for the 1st year as a mom is keep her alive. The rest I was told would be dealt with later. To hear that as young mom was heart breaking but you take your mercies when you find them as I was grateful that she was alive.

It was tough, especially as a single mom juggling work and a premature baby. I made it though, my daughter is 5yrs old now.

She has no special needs to date, she is a normal child. My little miracle baby. 

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