Step-by-step method to sleep training

When it comes to sleep training, the options are endless - and confusing! Here we take a look at one method and break it down step-by step to make it easier for you.


Making short naps longer

Is your child a cat-napper? Elizabeth Pantley offers parents some potential solutions.


Cot to bed

We show you how to make the transition from cot to bed a smooth one


Sleep struggles? Here's help

Can't understand why baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night? Read on to discover some surprising reasons why he may not be sleeping as well as you’d like.


Missing naps = the Volcano Effect

When children are pushed beyond their biological awake time span without a break, they become fatigued, fussy and unhappy.


When hospitalisation causes a disruption in sleep routine

It is common for babies who have been in a good sleep routine to start waking again at night after having been in hospital. Here are a few tips to get your baby back into their sleep routine.


When your child needs your help to fall asleep

Putting your child to bed is not as easy as TV makes it seem. Many babies, toddlers and preschoolers have trouble falling asleep without mom or dad. Elizabeth Pantley discusses why this happens


Dealing with a catnapper

Many young babies sleep like angels in mummy's arms, but only for ten minutes in a cot. Here are some suggestions to help your baby learn to sleep for longer
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