12 Lullabies from around the world
What is it about lullabies that make babies drift off to sleep? We round up 12 beautiful ones from around the world.

Why lullabies? 

Lullabies like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" have resonated in homes with little ones for many, many years. So why do we sing to our babies? In the 2012 study The Effects of Lullabies on Children, researchers found that apart from calming babies, lullabies help with that baby's language development and help them to feel secure and protected. The contents of some lullabies also teaches them from a young age some of life's realities. And it was also found that singing to your baby while still in the womb gives your baby a head start in all aspects of learning.

We have rounded up 12 lullabies from around the world you could play or even sing to your bundle of joy: 

1. Sweden 

2. India

3. Romania 

4. Native America

5. China 

6. Isle of Man 

7. Israel 

8. Nepal 

9. Germany 

10. Kenya 

11. Greece 

12. Mexico 

Do you have a special lullaby you sing to your little one? Send us your stories, voice clips and videos to chatback@parent24.com for possible publication.

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