Toddler (1-2)

Toddler tantrums

You're not alone! Watch this video on toddler tantrums...

Toddler (1-2)

Is smacking my child a good thing?

Some time-out tricks and whether smacking is a good discipline technique.

Toddler (1-2)

Biting blues

Sinking his teeth into another tot's fleshy arm doesn't mean you have a vampire son. It's normal toddler behaviour. 

Toddler (1-2)

Save for the holidays

Want to teach your child how to save? Here's how!

Toddler (1-2)

Reward charts

Here are Your Baby's beautiful reward charts to help your child with potty training, tidying up, doing their homework... or any other task they're mastering.

Toddler (1-2)

Buying shoes

I use paper and a pen to trace around my toddler's feet whenever it's time for new shoes. I then take this piece of paper with me to the shops and leave my son at home with his dad. This way, I get to look for a good pair of shoes that fit him without having to put up with any moaning and groaning as we go from store to store.

Toddler (1-2)

Supernanny advises on how to encourage your child to eat dinner

Supernanny stresses the importance of using encouragement as well as discipline whilst raising a child. 

Toddler (1-2)

Supernanny shows you how to deal with young kids in a restaurant

Going to a restaurant with your kids can be quite a mission. Supernanny, Jo Frost, gives some of her tips and tricks to help. 

Toddler (1-2)

How climbing and outside play help your child's growth

Movement is crucial for your child's dvelopment, making outdoor play the perfect activity. 
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What to do about tantrums

on 22 Apr Dealing with tantrums requires a lot of creativity, compassion & patience. Your ability to stay calm in moment of chaos & not fear what other people think is your key to raising strong little beings.

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