Health & Safety

YouTube’s toddler app ‘full of disturbing content’

Parents speak out against sexually explicit imagery, violence on YouTube’s Kids app.

Health & Safety

No car seat for kids? Time is running out!

Law enforcement blitz imminent as 'car seats for kids' legislation goes live on 01 May.

Health & Safety

Solar-powered night lights for kids

Fun, safety and security with kids’ lights from

Health & Safety

Outrage as Facebook calls abuse video 'baby yoga'

Origins of viral footage of a baby being bathed violently in a bucket unclear, say Toronto cops.

Health & Safety

A Facebook group is not your doctor!

Kim Norton explains why crowd-sourcing medical advice is a bad idea..

Health & Safety

What happens to a child in a car crash – expert

EMS spokesperson Robert Daniels explains why small kids are at risk in car accidents.

Health & Safety

'I'd do anything for my girl, including facing my biggest fear'

What Graeme Rorie is doing to tackle a disease head on will inspire you.

Health & Safety

Therapist caught on camera abusing boy with autism

Suspicious mom captures horrifying footage of therapist abusing her helpless son.

Health & Safety

Bras for toddlers

John Lewis sells bras aimed at children as young as 2 years old.

Health & Safety

Pram rolls onto railway tracks! [Watch]

Safety check reminder for parents as toddler in pram rolls off railway platform.

Health & Safety

How to choose the right school for your child

Choosing the right pre-primary or play school for your child can be a daunting task for any parent.

Health & Safety

Poolside safety tips for parents and kids

As the weather gets warmer,here's how to keep your kids safe when playing at the pool.

Health & Safety

Messy houses can be dangerous!

Dad charged after heavy cupboard kills toddler daughters in messy house.


7 crazy facts about moms

We know that moms are awesome, but these silly facts may make you think otherwise.

Health & Safety

How to survive being a single mom of 4 kids

A young single mom shares how she survives parenting 4 children all on her own.

Health & Safety

Are you a careless parent?

Sometimes parents don't realise the danger they're putting their kids in.

Health & Safety

Killer dad winks at life sentence

Smirking dad who tossed his daughter into a lake strapped to her car seat goes to prison.

Health & Safety

Exercising with toddlers

Finding the time to exercise when you have little ones clinging to your legs can be somewhat of a challenge.

Health & Safety

Obese 4-year-old has to have stomach surgery

4-year-old boy is one of the youngest patients ever to undergo weight-management surgery.

Health & Safety

Are baby safety gates really that safe?

When baby safety gates aren't used properly they may become hazards in the home.

Health & Safety

Dad teaches toddler to smoke [VIDEO]

Shocking video footage emerges of a man teaching his child to smoke.

Health & Safety

President 'urinates in pants' during speech [video]

Toddlers, moms and grandparents understand the agony of loss of bladder control.

Health & Safety

Best cat breeds for kids

8 cat breeds you should consider adopting if you have children.

Health & Safety

Hero toddler uses FaceTime to save mom after attack

2-year-old boy uses technology to call for help after dog bites mom’s finger ‘almost off’.

Health & Safety

Family’s e-cigarette poisoning tragedy

Family pet chews bottle of e-cigarette nicotine liquid and dies horrific death.

Health & Safety

Should celebrity kids be off limits?

Would you boycott magazines that run pictures of celebrities' children?

Health & Safety

Skateboarding toddler alarms viewers

Remarkable video of skateboarding toddler is both impressive and alarming.

Health & Safety

Total toddler destruction!

How to set up a real home for your toddler, writes Denise Philip.

Health & Safety

Tot operates huge digger

Watch 3-year-old William operate a massive excavator ALONE!

Health & Safety

Jack Russell bites off toddler's ear

A toddler has lost her right ear after being viciously attacked by the family dog.

Health & Safety

Mystery girl found at Roma camp

Identity unknown of 5-year-old discovered hiding under blankets at camp.

Health & Safety

‘I ate cat vomit!’

Weatherman reminds us of gross kid behaviour as he eats cat vomit on live TV.

Health & Safety

Hero dog saves baby from sea

Hero dog keeps baby from crawling into the sea in Turkey.

Health & Safety

Pointing guns at kids

This image of a woman pointing a gun at a toddler’s head has angered social media users.

Health & Safety

Bad parenting Vine videos

Babies twerking and scaring kids awake. All in a day's work for the bad parents of Vine.

Health & Safety

How to report reckless parents

Unbuckled children in cars? Maniacs with a kid on a motorbike? Here's how to report bad parents.

Health & Safety

Baby dies after eating laundry pod

A US baby has died of poisoning after ingesting household detergent.

Health & Safety

Would you install a Nanny spying camera?

Shocking footage reveals nannies abusing toddlers.

Health & Safety

Fly kills father of 4

Man dies within minutes of horsefly bite.

Health & Safety

Boys injured in toilet training

8,600 boys hurt in ‘genital crush’ accidents by toilet seats.

Health & Safety

'Marijuana Moms' are better parents

Mothers from Beverly Hills claim that smoking weed makes them better parents.

Health & Safety

'Is my child normal?'

"It feels like I'm failing as a father when she acts these ways."

Baby Multimedia

Toddler survives falling on train tracks

Watch as this toddler falls onto a set of train tracks and narrowly misses a live rail.

Health & Safety

2nd child dies in faith healing tragedy

Faith healer couple loses 2 children to controversial practice.

Health & Safety

5 toddler shoe tips

What kind of shoes best suit a toddler's active, growing feet?

Health & Safety

Are nightlights bad for children?

From fear of the dark or for comfort, kids sometimes need a light at night.

Health & Safety

Testicle toys

Would you let your kids play with testicles and bladders?

Health & Safety

Mom tattoos toddler

Shocking footage of a mom holding her kid down for a tattoo.

Health & Safety

Death by texting

Watch this devastating video on the dangers of texting while driving.

Health & Safety

10 Days of Winning with Parent24

We're celebrating our Facebook fans and Twitter followers!

Health & Safety

Toddler dies after zoo plunge

2-year-old boy dies after fall and African wild dog attack at zoo.

Health & Safety

2-year-old hanged on blind cord

Commonly-found household item claims life of child of British tycoon.


The World's Best Father! Or is he?

This dad puts his daughter in "reckless" situations with hilarious results.

Health & Safety

Bad parents or nature lovers?

Do nature-loving parents put their children in harm's way? Watch these shocking videos.

Health & Safety

Toddler vs Rottweiler

Are Rottweilers really dangerous dogs?

Health & Safety

Stupid parent alert!

Do some accidents happen because parents lack common sense?

Health & Safety

50 shades of celeb dads in grey

Do you want one of these gorgeous celeb dads to be your Christian Grey?

Health & Safety

Bundled up for winter

These kids know how to fight the winter blues and look adorable while doing it!
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