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Home birth video

WATCH: Siblings at a home birth

A beautiful video that shows just how special a home birth can be. [WARNING: Graphic content] Read More

Wonderful doctor sings to every baby he delivers

This amazing doctor has delivered thousands of babies and he sings to every one of them. Read More

3 rare multiple birth stories

These amazing birth stories are 1 in a million. Read More

Dad captures son’s pavement birth on GoPro

Dad's incredible footage of wife's labour and birth in nerve-wracking hospital dash. Read More

A beautiful C-section birth

Parent24 reader, Samantha, shares her C-section birth photos with us. [Warning: Images may upset sensitive viewers] Read More

3 amazing breech birth videos

These breech birth videos may help to bring moms-to-be peace of mind. Read More

Creepiest newborn cuts own umbilical cord

Baby delivers himself and cuts his own umbilical cord in bizarre video. Read More

Shocked families discover their babies were swapped at birth

Families face shocking conundrum as paternity suit confirms hospital mixed up babies. Read More

Natural birth sounds video [GRAPHIC]

Watch this amazing natural unmedicated birth video with original sounds. Read More

Man eats placenta in taco and a smoothie

Which would you eat, afterbirth curry or placenta pizza? Read More

My experience with epidural and natural birth

Young mother of 4 shares her personal birth stories and experiences. Read More


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