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What is the APGAR score?Everything you need to know about the first test your baby undergoes after birth.


Moms share their first thoughts as new parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is a shocking and amazing experience. Read More

Too posh to push

This mom got a nasty surprise when she announced her planned C-Section on Facebook. Read More

'Birth of Love'- a commentary

How to go from painful to peaceful natural childbirth at home [VIDEO]. Read More

Surprise! It's not a girl!

New parents film their family's reaction to the discovery that the ultrasound technician made a big mistake. Read More

Baby born dead comes back to life [WATCH]

Mom and dad’s loving touch restore life to baby after doctors say ‘we’ve lost him’. Read More

How to recover from vaginal birth

You've made it through pregnancy and birth - now it's time to heal! Read More

Rare: baby born inside amniotic sac [GRAPHIC]

Baby born with amniotic sac intact, placenta and umbilical wrapped inside. Read More

Real moms share photos of their post-baby bodies

Scars, stretch marks and everything in between, these moms are celebrating their bodies! Read More

What to expect when having a C-section

Find out exactly what to expect before, during and after having a caesarean section. Read More

Photos of newborn babies moments after birth

[WARNING: Graphic content] Beautiful images of newborns shared just moments after being born. Read More

Home birth gone wrong

Despite many success stories home birth still has a lot of risks. Read More

Should your father-in-law watch you give birth?

Some things are just too private to share with the whole world. Read More


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