Development & Behaviour

How to deal with separation anxiety

Some tips for when you need to leave your little one behind.

Development & Behaviour

How to use a growth chart

All you want to know about growth charts and how to use them.

Development & Behaviour

Print it: WHO growth charts for boys and girls

Here are the World Health Organisation growth charts for boys and girls up to 5 years.


Toys age-by-age

Ideas of safe, appropriate toys for every age group from our safety expert.

Development & Behaviour

Why I let my son play with dolls

It's an outdated notion that boys shouldn't play with dolls. Why do the older generation have such a problem letting this idea go?

Development & Behaviour

The ABCs of Xhosa names

26 beautiful Xhosa names to choose from for your bundle of joy.

Development & Behaviour

25 secrets of babyhood

Here are 25 practical ways to increase baby's confidence, boost her happiness and ensure she achieves her full potential.

Development & Behaviour

3 movement games for babies

Here's some fun ways to get your baby moving.

Development & Behaviour

Take the trauma out of tummy time

As much of a fuss as baby may put up against it, this is a worthwhile activity.

Development & Behaviour

Does you husband follow instructions?

Wife leaves list of duties while she's away. Her husband edits it and it's hilarious.

Development & Behaviour

What is flat head syndrome?

What is this and how do I prevent my baby from getting it? Here's all the answers you need.

Positive Parenting

Exploring touch: why it's good for kids

Touch is one of the five senses, and just as important as hearing and sight. Here are some easy ways to develop your little one's tactile sense.

Development & Behaviour

"My baby hasn't started crawling yet"

We know that crawling is an important milestone, but many babies crawl late or not at all. What does this mean for your baby?

Development & Behaviour

When your toddler discovers his gender

When will your toddler become aware of his gender, and how will this change things?

Development & Behaviour

Quadruplets in hysterics

Have you ever seen this much laughter?

Toddler (1-2)

Is smacking my child a good thing?

Some time-out tricks and whether smacking is a good discipline technique.

Development & Behaviour

Twins are confusing!

Adorable little boy can't believe his eyes when he's faced with twin baby girls.

Development & Behaviour

A bit of dirt will do them good

A combination of natural resistance to certain diseases, maternally acquired antibodies and active exposure to germs actually helps to build your tot's immune system.

Development & Behaviour

Mark Zuckerberg gives new dads 4 months parental leave

Back in South Africa, new dads are only entitled to three days of family leave.

Development & Behaviour

Mom, don't leave me!

Any kind of separation from your child can cause her a great deal of distress. But there are ways to make this natural stage of babyhood easier for both of you.

Development & Behaviour

Breaking your tot's bad habits

While exploring their newfound independence, your toddler may pick up a few unsavoury habits. Banish them for good with our practical tips.

Development & Behaviour

Genius 19-month-old can read!

Have you ever seen a baby reading at 19 months? This little boy does it over and over again.
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