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Health & Safety

baby ear piercing

How SA parents feel about piercing a baby's ears

While some see piercing a baby's ears as abuse, others think it's perfectly okay. Read More

‘Tiny’ terrier mauls newborn baby to death

‘Loving family’ torn apart after little dog turns on baby. Read More

Orangutan meets human baby

Short heart-warming clip shows just how gentle orangutans can be. Read More

All about spots, bites, rashes and fevers

A brief introduction to some childhood ailments for concerned parents. Read More

Babies photographed underwater

Photographer snaps photos of babies as they learn how to swim. Read More

Facebook comes up with ‘scrapbook’ for underage kids

Changes allow parents to tag kids younger than 13 for official presence on Facebook. Read More

Mom’s choc snack proves fatal

Pills for post-natal pains cause mom to fall asleep and choke while eating. Read More

7-week-old baby says ‘hello’!

Proud mom shares video of her tiny son repeating the word ‘hello’. [WATCH] Read More

'How to carry a baby and a GUN' classes?

‘Babywearing and carrying’ class teaches new moms how to 'safely' pack a pistol. Read More

Fatal accidents: drivers urged to take care when reversing

ER24 warns drivers to be careful after tragic incidents of kids being reversed over. Read More

Roald Dahl’s heart-breaking plea goes viral

Author begged parents to vaccinate their kids after losing his daughter to measles. Read More


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