Top teething truths and tricks you should try

Cutting those little milk teeth can be trying times for babies and parents.


This is why kids should sleep in the dark

If putting your child to bed has become your nightmare, this might help put and end to those horrible sleep struggles.


Quiz: How well do you know your newborn?

Complete our quiz to find out just how much you know about your newborn.


New moms: How to cope with colic

Many new moms fear the dreaded C: colic. Here's the help you need.


Cracked nipples? All your breastfeeding problems sorted

It's one of those things that may be much harder than it looks, but it's worth persevering with breastfeeding because of the amazing benefits for your baby and you.


Adam Levine reveals first pic of baby girl

It's enough to make your heart melt!

Care & Nutrition

Sore nipples suck: Steer clear of the sting

Maybe your nipples are novices. They may be new to the feeding scene and therefore, they may take a real beating when you first start. We share a few tips to take care of your nips.

Development & Behaviour

Can you decode your baby's body language?

Your baby's trying to tell you something with every little action.

Toddler (1-2)

Is my toddler jealous of the new baby?

Why is my older toddler suddenly acting like a baby?


Next-level security for maternity wards

In a world where technology is developing at a rapid pace, one wonders why technology is not being used to improve security at hospitals, especially in maternity wards.


Luna Legend the happiest celeb baby? Definitely!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are blessed with a happy little girl. Here's why.


Gross! Moms create crazy 'art' from baby's umbilical cord

Warning: These images might disturb you.

Development & Behaviour

Why little ones shouldn't sit all day

What is "physical activity" in early childhood, and why is it really that important?

Development & Behaviour

Luna is John Legend in miniature

Check out the latest picture of Luna where she is basically the baby version of her dad.


South African triplets have both dads' DNA

A rare medical twist gave a gay couple from Pretoria three beautiful surrogate babies.


Is circumcision necessary or harmful?

If you've had a baby boy you've probably been asked about circumcision. Is the procedure necessary or harmful? Here's what the law says.


Would you trust a self-driving pram?

Technology of the future or is this just completely ridiculous?


Watch this little toddler belting out the ABC song!

Can you just see her singing at the Superbowl?


Feeding your newborn solids? Stop right now!

Giving your baby any kind of solid food now is dangerous to her health. Avoid it at all costs, regardless of what friends or family may say.


How to choose the right baby carrier

Wrap, sling or baby carrier? Find the right one for you and your baby.


Does Jamie Oliver's son really have a normal name?

The Olivers finally revealed the name, and it was worth the wait.


Are hospital security measures good enough?

We do from time to time hear about babies stolen from maternity wards. So we asked you what you thought about the security in the South African hospitals where you gave birth.


All you need to know: Preparing for your new baby

We've gathered all the information you need to survive your newborn baby in one place.


Jamie Oliver welcomes baby #5 and it's a boy!

The famous chef welcomes his son and daughters cut the cord.

Health & Safety

Mom's stress affects baby

Pram direction, meat and mommy stress can freak your baby out.


When fever leads to fits

Don’t get too big a fright if your toddler’s high fever causes a febrile convulsion.


How to latch

Here are some tips from a La Leche League leader on how to get breastfeeding right in the hospital.


Breastfeeding: 10 steps to health, wealth and happiness

In celebration of Breastfeeding Week, prof Linda Richter counts the benefits of breastfeeding in South Africa, steps to help breastfeeding mothers, and ways in which society can still be more breastfeeding friendly.


Index page: All about breastfeeding

Parent24's index page to help moms find all the breastfeeding answers they need.
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