No more nurseries: Here’s what you had to say

Parent24 readers had quite a lot to say about hospitals doing away with nurseries.

Development & Behaviour

Is it a growth spurt?

Yesterday that babygro fitted, today it doesn’t. What’s happening?


No more nurseries in SA hospitals?

Baby-friendly hospitals are doing away with nurseries and moms aren't happy about it.

Development & Behaviour

Baby's first steps and 8 other milestones

There's nothing quite like watching your baby grow and learn.


#CarseatFullstop campaigning for change

Every child in a car seat every time no matter what. No ifs or buts.


Miracle baby born at 25 weeks: "She weighed just more than a brick of butter"

Mom Michelle Tito shares their journey of their micro-preemie Gemma Lily, who weighed only 715g at birth.


Reader's response: Our 100 day NICU journey

This reader shares a personal experience of having a baby in the NICU.


Common baby skin allergies

An itching, crying baby would break any mother's heart. Here are the most common skin problems and how to treat them.


Is there such a thing as a baby language?

Have you ever been suspicious about the sounds your baby makes; like they're trying to communicate with you?


5 nappy rash tricks to try

Don’t spend a fortune on creams until you’ve tried these simple solutions.


Are cloth nappies really cheaper than disposables?

Here's a detailed breakdown, including water and electricity usage, of how much cloth nappies will cost you compared to disposables.

Development & Behaviour

New baby? Help siblings cope

Most siblings feel threatened by the arrival of a new brother or sister. Here are a few tips to help your child cope.

Toddler (1-2)

Watch: Toddler gets hearing aids, does happy dance!

This video will make you realise just how important our senses are.


What are the "wonder weeks"?

Frans Plooij's book has taken the parenting world by storm. We take a deeper look.


Funny video: the babies of today, hey

So many parents say they don't want their kids' lives to be consumed by technology, but this hilarious video shows parents may not have a say.


Breastfeeding could save the lives of thousands of infants affected by drought

South Africa is currently suffering one of the worst droughts in recorded history. This poses a major health risk to thousands of infants in drought ridden areas, which can be mitigated by simply supporting and encouraging breastfeeding mothers.

Development & Behaviour

Fun ways to get your child to play with others

Teach your little ones how to socialise with others.


When your child needs your help to fall asleep

Putting your child to bed is not as easy as TV makes it seem. Many babies, toddlers and preschoolers have trouble falling asleep without mom or dad. Elizabeth Pantley discusses why this happens


Our favourite dads on the interwebs

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH JOHNSON'S: Bloggers, vloggers, Twitter dads and celebs, here are the ones you need to follow.
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Dressing your little one

After six years your little one will go from being completely dependent to being independent. A big sign of their independence is that they can finally dress themselves without your help.

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