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BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!

New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.


The vaccination schedules in South Africa: is your child up to date?

South Africa offers an extensive baby immunisation programme, available free at state clinics. Parents are also have the option to choose the private schedule, either in its entirety or to supplement the government programme. Here are both schedules.


This baby girl is battling the ‘worst case of meningitis in decades’

She contracted an extremely rare type of the disease about two months ago and needed to have one of her arms removed.

Development & Behaviour

WATCH: See the world through your baby's eyes

Here's a look at how your baby’s vision develops throughout the first year.


WATCH: Heart-melting preemie moments

Celebrating the beauty of life this World Prematurity Day.


MY STORY: I was told to kiss my newborn baby goodbye – he’d die in a matter of hours

On the fourth day following his birth, things took a major turn.


‘Littlest Wonder Woman’ from SA

Dubbed a little Wonder Woman, micro-prem baby Jazeel Hlophe's incredible progress proves that with the right care miracles really are possible.


I’ve always wondered: what’s behind the belly button?

We're constantly told what not to do with it, but what exactly is behind this mysterious orifice?


Is breastfeeding older children wrong?

It may be uncommon in the Western world but that doesn't make it wrong, does it? Adding a new dimension to the never-ending breastfeeding battle.


Baby girl miraculously survives birth a month after twin brother dies

The devastated mom asked medical staff to prevent her from going into labour.

Development & Behaviour

Surprising facts about how we talk to babies

This is why we actually can't hold a proper conversation with babies and insist on speaking in high energy, sing song tones.


This little boy lights up every time he sees Christmas decorations!

When this mom took her little boy shopping with her, he got super excited about the holiday season and now, so are we.


Miracle ‘micro-prem’ twins were born at 24 weeks – but look at them now!

“I fell pregnant while on honeymoon, but shortly into the pregnancy realised it wasn’t a normal pregnancy."

Toddler (1-2)

Good news for Randfontein toddler who almost drowned

“We have faith and are praying she’ll be okay, but it’s very hard."


Little boy mimics his uncle’s sexy photos – and the results are adorable!

A little boy has gone viral after recreating his model uncle’s sexy photo shoots.


IN PICS: Who loves orange soda? Kel Mitchell, of course, and his gorgeous baby girl

Kel Mitchell from Nickelodeon's Kenan and Kel welcomed an adorable baby girl into the world, and from these adorable pictures it looks like one day she'll love orange soda just as much as he does.


Baby + Bunny = Happiness

Photographer mom Lindsey Bonnice has become an Instagram sensation with this adorable pairing. Prepare to go aaah.


Shoprite Baby Promotion – Everything you need for less

ADVERTORIAL: Did you know that 2 out of 3 parents choose Shoprite over every other supermarket in the country? It’s no surprise – with a wide range of quality products bought at bulk, consumers pay less while getting more for their children.

Development & Behaviour

How we can teach our babies to never give up

The amount of effort we put into completing tasks actually teach our babies persistence and resilience.


Are baby advice books making mothers depressed and anxious?

Research reveals that parenting books, despite their popularity, may not be the best thing for new parents.

Development & Behaviour

Baby hears mom’s voice for the first time

In a heartwarming moment an adorable baby hear her mother’s voice for the first time.


Picture perfect: behind the scenes of captivating newborn triplets photoshoot

For massive doses of cuteness, check out this behind-the-scenes video of newborn triplets photoshoot by Cassandra English of Hazel&Cass Photography.


This app will help you find someone to have a baby with

This app helps you find someone to procreate with.


Mzansi celebrity baby news

Ntando Duma, Tamara Dey and more on pregnancy announcements and baby reveals.
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