"I bath my kids twice a day!"

Parent24 readers share their thoughts on how often you should bath your kids.


Daily baths not a must for kids

Most under the age of 11 are fine with two to three baths a week, says dermatologist.


Suzelle DIY tells us how to be a Story Bosso

The Nal’ibali’s Story Bosso talent search is underway! Here's how your kids can enter this fantastic opportunity to become a published author.


Local SA celebs support anti-bullying campaign in schools

SA celebs are taking action against violence in schools and so should you.


Debunking common myths about raising bilingual children

Growing up in South Africa means that kids are exposed to so many different languages. But are there any disadvantages to growing up learning two languages?


When school grooming inspections go wrong

While we understand the need to look neat and tidy sometimes teachers can go overboard when doing uniform inspections.


QUIZ: Roald Dahl trivia

If the legendary wordsmith was still around, he would have celebrated his 100th birthday this week. Do this fun quiz and see if you're a Roald Dahl maestro!


Help your child fall in love with nature

With natural resources fast diminishing, it's vital to teach our kids to respect and protect the environment so there's something left for them and their offspring.


Suzelle DIY makes up a Santa's Shoebox. Easy peasy

Brighten up an underprivileged kid's Christmas with a specially packed shoebox filled with goodies.


Care Bears, Transformers among Toy Hall of Fame finalists

The finalists for the US National Toy Hall of Fame have been announced. Which of these will make it?


How stories can change your child's future

Listening to and sharing stories has a critical role in the growth and development of children. It’s benefits range from academic to emotional. Take a look at the ways you can use stories to affect the kind of person your child could turn out to be!


10 ways to use stories to bond with your kids

This Literacy and Heritage Month, Nal’ibali launched Story Bosso, its national storytelling talent search! Check how you can get your story published in a book... and how stories can change your family life.


STIKBOT™ stop animation toy now available in South Africa

PARTNERED WITH PRIMA TOYS: StikBot is a brand new, highly innovative toy that allows amateur film-makers of all ages to create, animate and share original stop-motion videos via an app.


Would you get your kid one of these smart watches?

We take a look at 3 really cool smart watches for kids.


Boys need stricter security measures online

Girls and boys behave differently online and need different online safety rules.

Learning difficulties

What parents and teachers should know about non-verbal learning disability

Australian academic Barbara Rissman explains NLD, a learning disability well recognised in the US, but not yet formally recognised in Australia.


Learn Bongie's road safety dance!

South Africa's road safety mascot, Bongie, the Buckle-up Buddy, is going around the nation's schools, teaching kids about road safety. Here's his little dance!


Gaming in the classroom: what we can learn from Pokémon GO technology

Gaming and education - two words parents wouldn't usually use in the same sentence. This concept, however, is turning out to be quite beneficial and a rather dynamic method of teaching children.


The Great Sleepover Debate

When it comes to sleeping out, Cath Jenkin has a checklist that needs to be checked off.


QUIZ: How many of these classic kids movies have you seen?

Take our quiz and find out how many great kids movies you've seen.

Primary school

How music-inspired free play can nurture creative young minds

It's been said that music positively stimulates various parts of the brain and its power should not be underestimated when it comes to learning and creative expression.


QUIZ: Which country's flag is that?

Get into the Olympic spirit by challenging yourself and your kids. It becomes a little harder as you go along. Good luck!


Hillary Clinton's breaking the glass ceiling for little girls everywhere

Hillary Clinton becomes the latest woman to inspire girls around the world.

Primary school

What does secure estate living have to do with your children’s education?

SPONSORED: Find out why more and more families are considering living in an estate.


Pokémon GO helps autistic boy come out of his shell

It's not all gloom and doom when it comes to Pokémon GO.

Primary school

Quiz: Can you spell better than a 10-year-old?

The South African Spelling Bee competition will be hosted on 1 October 2016. Can you identify the correct spelling of these words our bright 10- to 12-year-olds have to learn?

High school

PRINT IT: Weekly study timetable

Print this weekly study timetable to help your kids keep track of all their studying.


How we survived the winter holidays

With a two teens and a pre-teen, Janine Dunlop is at her wits end to find something that they all enjoy.


Pokémon GO is getting kids to go outside

After years of waiting kids, both big and small, can finally be PokéMasters.
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