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Are we sexualising our young children? Readers respond

From condemning Pastor Ab Isong's sentiments to agreeing that we need to protect our children by not dressing them inappropriately, our readers respond to dressing our children too "sexy".


How parents can support children after traumatic events

As much as parents try with all their might to protect their children, it's inevitable that your child will be exposed to a traumatic situation. Here is how you can prepare for when that moment comes.


Why dance is just as important as maths and science

Sir Ken Robinson, a global leader in educational reform, explains that we need to change the culture of education by focusing just as much attention on the arts, humanities and physical education, as we do on maths and science.


Are we allowing our children to be too "sexy"? Pastor's post goes viral

Pastor Ab Isong posted on Facebook that we're dressing our children a little too "sexy" in "bum shorts", "halter necks" and make-up at too young an age. He suggests we're turning them into objects of others' sexual attention. Hmmm – what do you think?


OPINION: We should teach our children about different religions, no matter what our beliefs are

Don't worry - teaching your children about Islam and other religions won't indoctrinate them or push them into adopting that faith. It will only make them more tolerant and perhaps make our world a less frightening place.


WATCH: How to create pretty pictures with fluid painting

We're sure the kids have done just about everything there is to occupy themselves after their homework's complete in the week and they've watched all the movies on TV over the weekends. But have they tried fluid painting?


Mom’s tough lesson to son goes viral

A mother’s lesson to her son who became obsessed with branded clothing has gone viral throughout the world.


What to read next? Great books for 6-12 year olds

Don't let them wait for the movie to come out, encourage them to open up a world of a pure imagination. Here are the most anticipated books for tweens in 2018.


Homegrown Rapunzel: Meet the Pretoria schoolgirl with 1,4m-long hair

Nikitha is proud of her 1,4m tresses but, boy, do they take some looking after!


These consent classes have reduced rape by 51% in Nairobi

No Means No Worldwide have introduced a programme teaching girls self-defence and boys about positive masculinity – and it has significantly reduced rape statistics.


Kit your kids out in snuggly autumn wear

New season, new thread. A round-up of sweet wardrobe options for kids from 3 to 8 years old.


John Cena wrote a children's book! Real story

While John Cena doesn't have any children of his own, much of his work involves making children smile. His latest effort comes in writing his own children's book about an undersized monster truck with oversized determination.


WATCH: Monster Munch, Cupid's Crunch and Bunny Bait: Make your own themed popcorn for market day

A quick video on how to make themed packets of popcorn by combining different sweets and treats. Yum!


"The baddies have foreign accents" and other things our kids learn from watching TV

Why it’s so important for kids to see diverse TV and movie characters.


Do touchscreens mess up children’s handwriting skills?

We are all quick to blame touchscreen technology, but if a child is suffering from handwriting-related issues, it could be due to any number of reasons, from poor fine-motor skills to language difficulties, dyslexia or dyspraxia.


This new video of kids trying snacks from South Africa is both hilarious and important

Watch American kids indulge in biltong, Ouma Rusks and Flings!


WATCH: How to make marble mugs perfect for market day

Your little one might be looking for things to make and sell at their school's market day. How about these quick and easy DIY marble mugs?


Hip-hop songs to play around the kids: Part 2

Prepare to be the coolest parent, ever!


Flower girls and page boys: Help your petal enjoy the big day

Your little one has been asked to be in a wedding party! You might want to make a note of these expectations to ensure both she and the bride have a memorable day – for all the right reasons.


10 modern-day heroes that are inspiring our kids

Our kids latch onto cartoon heroes and here's why that's okay.


These 6 things may help preventing bullying

Today is Pink Shirt Day, commemorated annually to raise awareness about bullying. Here are 6 ways parents and caregivers can create safe spaces in the classroom and at home.


Teach your child how to talk about someone with a disability, without being a jerk

Sometimes we talk to people with disabilities unaware that the words we use and the way we use them might be considered insensitive and offensive. Here are a few guidelines to ensure you're a little less of a jerk next time you do.


Go on, don't be scared: 5 reasons to tell fairy tales

They're gruesome, they're sexist, and they don't paint a picture of a world we'd like to introduce to our children. But drama therapist Marlize Swanepoel argues that that's exactly why we should tell our kids fairytales.


Why you need to be talking to your tween about porn

Thanks to technology, access to pornographic images and videos are but a Google search away. How can parents navigate the porn minefield? [WARNING: Explicit terminology ahead.]


Parents, stop nagging kids not to forget – set visual cues instead

Making lists, creating timetables, and placing to-be-remembered items in eye-line are great ways to help your kids remember their chores and daily tasks.


Cyberbullying: 4 steps to protect your kids

Teaching your kids respect for themselves and others in terms of their internet behaviour could help them stay safe on the internet.


This is why sibling rivalry is bad for your child's development

Can't we all just get along? New research shows that helping your children to build loving relationships with each other has a greater impact than you may think.


INFOGRAPHIC: SA children face a higher cyber risk than most others in the world

In a recent study, South African children were among those who were the most vulnerable online.


Is your nanny trustworthy?

You’re placing the person you value most in the world in her care: your child. Here's how to make sure you pick the right person for the job.
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