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WATCH DIY crafty kids: how to make rose bath bombs for your favourite teacher!

Looking for the perfect teacher gift before school closes? Raid the grocery cupboard, get your tools together and make these quick and easy bath bombs!


How to have sun-safe kids - five simple rules

Serious damage is done to the skin by sun exposure in childhood. Protecting your children’s skin now could prevent skin cancer later in life.


No you're not going insane, your kid really does love wrapping paper more than actual presents

If you haven't experienced that sinking feeling of seeing the expensive gift you bought your child being pushed aside for the wrapping paper and box it came in, are you even a parent?


5 tips for buying your child toys this holiday season

Believe it or not, Christmas is fast approaching and parents will be spoiling their kids with toys to keep them entertained during the holidays. Here are ways to choose the right toy for your little one.


Kids Theatre: Staged family magic

Here come the school holidays and children’s activity schedules to fill. Gayle Edmunds rounds up the theatre offerings for those staying in Joburg this festive season.


Jobs and paid-for schooling can keep Tanzanian girls from early marriages

Many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa drop out of school because of the costs involved. This, however, makes getting married at a young age look like a more attractive and viable option than continuing their studies.


Game for Humanity: spreading positivity one card at a time

Are you finding it hard to explain concepts like compassion and kindness to your kids?


WATCH: These rainbow cheesecake bake sale bites will make them the coolest kid in school!

A quick video on how to make no-bake rainbow cheesecake, perfect for a school bake sale, that your kids will love to share with their friends.


Christmas comes early for sick boy who ‘might not make it’

All Jacob wanted was to celebrate what could be his last Christmas.


Try out these science experiments at home and boost your child’s academic success

Research shows that when parents engage in simple science projects with their kids at home, it boosts their learning in school.


WATCH: We could learn a thing or two from the way these kids see difference

When these kids were asked, “What makes you two different from each other?”, they innocently responded in the best possible way.


Mom’s heart-warming message after kids point and stare at her disabled son

An American woman was so touched by another mom taking the time to educate her children about kids with disabilities.


WATCH: Teach kids about science with this homemade lava lamp!

This is a great way to teach the kids basic science - check out this easy lava lamp experiment!


Making memories: great app connects you with kiddie activities in your hood

The Adventure Clubs app is a great way to get your kids out of the house and learning through play.


Unruly children or empowering active citizens? Our readers respond to introducing politics in schools

While some of our readers felt introducing politics in schools might be a good idea, others said it might divide learners.


Boy who lost his dad to cancer receives hundreds of birthday cards

A young German boy has received hundreds of birthday cards from all around the world.


What is love? Watch these kid 'experts' explain

You know what's really hard to explain and almost impossible to define without looking it up? Love. These kids managed to describe it perfectly though.


Politics in schools? Yes, if we want our children to be active citizens

Children have the right to express their opinions and be heard. Heidi Matisonn, lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, explains why we should introduce politics in school.


Let them be silly! It could be exactly what they need

Positive emotional states are not only valuable, but also have the potential to inspire creative thinking, feed children’s curiosity, and nourish their motivation to learn.


Mom receives backlash for not inviting bully to children’s party

"It started in nursery, with hitting, spitting, shoving and not letting anyone speak to my child."


Are you raising a perfectionist?

Tips for helping your perfectionist child.


Teaching kids about trauma with Elmo, Big Bird and everyone's favourite Cookie Monster

Sesame Street started a great new initiative to help children cope with traumatic experiences and let out all their frustration in simple and safe ways. Something South African children can hugely benefit from.


WATCH: This video will make you want to be a kid again

Adults and kids were asked what they would change about their bodies. The responses range from the predictable to the inspiring.


"How bullies changed my life": A reader explains why you should work through childhood trauma instead of burying it

"My nightmares of the robbery merged with childhood memories of being mocked, ridiculed and bullied." Journalist Nurene Jassiem talks about what she learned when a traumatic experience of being robbed as an adult brought back painful memories from her childhood.


This 12-year-old girl can lift the equivalent of a baby hippo!

Elle Hatamiya was crowned the USA Weightlifting National Youth Champion in 2016.


4 ways stories make your kid smarter

Learn how you can use reading and storytelling to help your child excel.


Starter pack to growing up 90s in South Africa

We take a look back at what made the last great decade so epic.
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