DIY: Make your own sailboat
It's sails up with a sturdy DIY boat for some special summer fun, me mateys!
(Your Baby)

Difficulty: *

Preparation time: *

Cleanup: **

Activity time: 30 minutes 

What you'll need:

  • Four corks
  • String
  • Sponge paper
  • Scissors
  • Cocktail toothpicks

Step 1:

Create the float for your boat. Lay three of the corks next to each other. Wrap the string around the three corks, and make a knot and cut the excess string off. Now thread a piece of string through each of the corks, around the string in the middle, and make a knot. Cut the excess string as before.

Step 2:

Cut the fourth cork and use the piece to make a buoy.

Step 3:

Use the sponge paper and create sails for the boat and buoy. Cut a big and small triangle, in proportion with the boat and the buoy.

Step 4:

Slip the sails onto toothpick “masts”. Use a full toothpick for the boat sail and press it into the boat. Use only half of a toothpick for the buoy. Keep the sail on the bottom half (where the sharp side is) and cut the top part of the toothpick off. Press the toothpick into the small cork. Help your tot with this so he doesn’t hurt himself.

Step 5:

Connect the boat and the buoy. Cut a piece of string and tie it around the buoy’s mast, and then tie it around the boat’s mast.

Step 6:

Let your toddler sail his boat in a large jar with water, in a bath, a pool or a little stream.

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