Sipho Yanano


Are children really a blessing?

Making sacrifices to be a parents can definitely come at a price explains Sipho Yanano.

Family Finance

Hard times, harsher parents

Study reveals parents are harsher towards their kids due to the bad economy, says SiphoYanano.

Development & Behaviour

The cutest kids in cosplay

Putting a whole new (geeky) spin on playing dress up. These kids are awesome!


My mother killed me

What would the voice of an aborted baby sound like?


The blessing of multiracial children

Do multiracial children get the best of both worlds?

Development & Behaviour

The challenges of raising a Christian teen

Sex before marriage is no big deal, right? It is to Christian parents who are trying to teach their kids good morals.

Development & Behaviour

Parenting like a celebrity

Tips from celebrities for great parenting.


A new dad at 60-plus

Senior citizen dads: Is it fair on their children?

Sipho Yanano

Absent parenting

Parents who choose work over their kids.

Sipho Yanano

“Can I marry your teenage daughter?”

Would you give your blessing to your teen’s marriage?

Sipho Yanano

Is your baby ready for baptism?

Should parents wait till their children are older before they baptise them, wonders Sipho?

Sipho Yanano

How many children: she decides?

Should a woman get to decide how many babies she has, without the consent of her partner?

Sipho Yanano

Pumping in the office

Is it proper for nursing mothers to breast pump in the office?

Sipho Yanano

Are romance novels harming our teens?

Is it just a harmless book or are romance novels negatively affecting your teen?

Sipho Yanano

TV is banned

Pulling the plug on television takes bravery, says Sipho.

Sipho Yanano

Are parents too stuck on university education?

There are other valid ways to gain experience and education, says Sipho.

Sipho Yanano

Are religious teens better behaved?

Sipho observes a religious teen and thinks it could be the best way to raise a child.

Sipho Yanano

From a man to a man

Sipho’s advice to a young man who is contemplating leaving his wife and son.

Sipho Yanano

Should children be politicized?

Let children be children when it comes to politics, says Sipho.

Sipho Yanano

When you don’t bond

Bonding doesn’t come naturally to every parent, but it’s worth persevering, says Sipho.

Sipho Yanano

‘Why I don’t pay child support’

Sipho reveals what he has heard some men say about why they are unwilling to pay.

Sipho Yanano

Through a child’s eyes

Sipho takes a closer look at the world through a little one’s eyes.

Sipho Yanano

Find time to parent

You may be a great parent, but if you’re not with your child, it doesn’t count.

Sipho Yanano

Fathers who live like kings

Sipho calls on dads to set a good example to their sons by not being lazy around the home.

Sipho Yanano

Why do you want a child?

To keep your mother quiet, or for your old age? Are your reasons for procreating good ones?

Sipho Yanano

Parents behaving badly

If you watched yourself, you might be surprised how your parenting looks to other people.

Sipho Yanano

Talking about death

How to be wise when death touches a teen for the first time?

Sipho Yanano

'Don't take your kid to the World Cup'

Sipho worries about the saftey of children at crowded public events and offers some advice.

Sipho Yanano

Is your marriage strong enough for kids?

Feeling unsure if your marriage can stand the test of time and family? Here are a few of the indicators.

Sipho Yanano

The 24/7 Single dad

There are some parents it’s just inspiring to watch. Here’s one that Sipho admires.

Sipho Yanano

Should he bath with his sister?

Am I right to feel uneasy about opposite sex siblings sharing a tub? Sipho asks.

Sipho Yanano

Time is love

Making the time is best for your children – and for you.

Sipho Yanano

Comparing generations

Sipho Yanano comes from a generation where children were 'seen and not heard'. He thinks this generation is better off.

Sipho Yanano

No marriage, no children

For me, marriage and children belong together, says Sipho Yanano.

Sipho Yanano

My white son

Should I adopt a white baby, wonders Sipho Yanano.
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