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Greg Crighton


Posted by: Gwen | 2011-11-10


My child keeps stealing

I am concerned about my 10 year old daughter. Since she was little she had been taking things from my friends, tries to steal from the shops - she has even gone so far as to take my wedding rings on one occasion. Every time this happens and she gets caught out - my husband and I discuss it with her as to why she's doing it - explaining that it is unacceptable behaviour etc etc. The past week has been terrible, she has been caught out 3 times stealing from within our home - money from me/her dad/ her younger brother...And every time we try and explain to her how wrong it is, it just keeps happening. I am at my wits end - and am so worried she's going to try and do something more serious which would lead to more serious consequences that may be out of our hands to do anything about. Both our child's are quite spoiled and pretty much "dont go without". Please if you have any advise or tips it'll be greatly appreciated.

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Greg Crighton Greg Crighton
- 2011-11-22

It is important to try and find out from her why she is taking the money. One needs to understand the rationale behind her actions, and only then will you be able to address the issue.

It is important for young children to learn in about money and the value of money, and most importantly to understand the concept of having to earn and save money. With young children, this can be done in some fun and innovative ways. Use the link below as a starting point.

People will have different opinions on this matter, but I also believe that it is important not to ‘spoil’ kids. They need to learn the value of things, and the process involved in saving and earning the right to buy things. If they are just given everything they ever ask for, then it becomes very difficult to teach the value of things. Start a savings account for her, and be creative in drawing up charts of tasks and goals, so that she can better understand the process.

If you feel at any point that her stealing of money is becoming pathological then perhaps it is also best to have her see a child psychologist for a few sessions in order to address any potential pathologies.


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