6 classic car games to keep your kids happy

If you're tired of hearing "Are we there yet?" from the back seat, try playing these games with your kids.


"Making it work as a single mom of 3 boys"

'I LOVE being a mom, I love watching them grow... they astonish me daily'


"My step daughters will always have a place to call home"

A father shares priceless advice for a happy blended family.

Birthday parties

How to throw a fire engine themed party

We give you some great ideas on how to DIY a fantastic fire engine themed party for your child.


Ever wondered about the risks of self-medicating a sick child?

Stay on the safe side of non-prescription medication when treating your little ones' colds and flu. Here's how.


What is your family prepared to protest about?

As South Africans march today, take a moment to reflect on what's really important to you as a family – and do something about it.

Easter fun

Low-carb Easter treats for you and your kids

Healthy doesn't have to be boring! Surprise your kids with these finger-licking recipes on your Easter table next weekend.


Colouring book with Hitler image pulled from Dutch stores

A kids colouring book in the Netherlands has rubbed many parents up the wrong way...


How do you talk about Mr President in front of your children?

We may think we’re unique as South Africans, but nations across the world, throughout all the ages, have had leaders they didn’t agree with much. The question is, how much of this do we allow to filter through to our children? And in what way?


Mom, is your backache killing you? Here's what might be the cause...

After two years of unexplained back pain, this mom found others with the same complaint – and then realised what it could be.

Finance & Legal

How much does it cost to have a baby in South Africa?

The real cost of having a baby in South Africa in 2017 and where the money goes in baby's first year.


How to get your toddler to accept your new baby

Welcoming a new baby to the family can be tough for your toddler. Here's how to make it a bit easier.


13 weird, but absolutely necessary ways to save water

Now, more than ever, everyone needs to play a serious part in saving water. It's not always easy but it needs to be done.


The other Spur play area incident

Another playground incident at Spur was highlighted on a social media post two days ago. You really want to see this.


How you manage your kids' playground scuffles

After seeing what took place at a local restaurant recently, we asked you how you would have handled the situation had you been in that mom or dad's shoes. This is what you had to say...


"My kids' daddy and my husband is my first love"

We asked who comes first: your kids or your spouse? It seems our readers were quite divided on this topic. Here's what they had to say.


Self-care as a mother is important

While people are debating whether your spouse or children come first, but here's a wild idea: put yourself first!


Playground fights: where do you stand?

How do you handle playground incidents? What kind of parent are you? And what do you teach your kids about conflict resolution? Estrelita Moses lays it out.


Your spouse should come before your kids

A lot of parents are taking offence to the suggestion that they should be putting their children second.


You can be a happy divorced family

These parents show us that divorce doesn't have to be an ugly thing.


Could parenthood really lead to a longer life?

Parenting may pack on the stress, but does this earn you a few extra years on the planet?


50 best SA camping spots for families

From 4-star family resorts to rustic sites with outdoor showers, here are 50 popular camping and caravan spots the whole family will enjoy.

Birthday parties

Should kids have lavish, over-the-top birthday parties?

Some parents splurge on their kids' birthday parties, some don't. How do you feel?


Have you received a red card for packing unhealthy lunches?

Has your child's teacher ever sent a note home, politely scolding you for packing an unhealthy lunch?


Chronic coughs in kids: are cough syrups a waste of money?

Before you self-medicate with just any cough syrup, read here. You could be wasting your money if you buy blindly.


Rare Disease Day: we need more research!

Around half of all people living with rare diseases are children. This year, Rare Disease Day urges everyone in SA to talk about it, donate, volunteer and become an activist to help researchers tackle these diseases!


Why are boys' aiming skills so astonishing when in the loo?

If you have ever lived with a male, which most women probably have, you will know the struggle we women face on what seems like a daily basis.


How one remarkable elderly man cares for Dropbox babies

Lee Jong-rak, an elderly man with a big heart, realised there is an issue society ignores and took it upon himself to help the helpless - dropbox babies. Watch his amazing story!


What documents you need when travelling to or from SA with a child

Travelling with kids across SA's borders? Here's everything you need to know about travel documents for minors.
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