Claire Wineland is living her best life with cystic fibrosis

20-year-old Claire Wineland explains how her terminal illness hasn't held her back from doing what she loves. And it just so happens to be saving the world.


A mom of two loses tons of weight and combats her mental illness while at it

Her extreme anxiety caused her to start comfort eating, which left her feeling even more dejected.


‘Anxiety is...’ – This mom’s brutally honest post will change the way you see anxiety

“Anxiety isn't just having a hard time catching your breath."


A furious mom's open letter to all mothers-in-law

To the mothers-in-law who have nothing good to say about their daughter-in-laws, I want to say: keep it to yourself.


"Down syndrome is the best thing that ever happened to me…"

A dad's heartwarming video explaining to the world what Down syndrome is, goes viral.


QUIZ: How well do you know your celebrity moms and their babies?

This quiz is to see how well you know your celebrity moms and their babies.


No sign of their baby nine years later

Couple’s newborn baby went missing from the hospital and they still don’t have answers


Can yoga help girls heal from trauma?

A researcher reveals the mental and physical benefits of yoga for teenage girls who have been victims of trauma.


Alicia Keys' Blended Family video redefines the modern family

The inspiring singer showcases the beauty of modern family dynamics with the visuals and lyrics of her song, Blended Family.


Are you a mom or a friend?

Being your kids’ best friend rather than their mother can cost you.


WATCH: Grandson's unforgettable tribute to 98-year-old grandmother

“When I re-watch it I have no idea how I held it together for most of the song."


4 things parents can do to help protect their kids' kidneys

Chronic kidney disease in children is a rising problem. A Stellenbosch University child health specialist explains what parents can do to help stem the tide.


What is this parenting style called RIE?

Celebrities have been hanging their hats onto the latest craze on the block: RIE parenting.

Date night

Are you a single parent with a new love interest? We have help!

Here's some sound advice from our experts for introducing a new partner into your world.


Parents urged to warn kids against deadly ‘Hot Water Challenge’

The deadly ‘game’ has already left one dead and two other’s severely burned.


What 25 years of caring for my disabled son has taught me

Crispian's eldest son was initially given just 16 years to live - now he's 25. The Cape Town teacher shares the incredible lessons she has learnt over the years of caring for her disabled son, Dominique.

Finance & Legal

AppClose helps you co-parent effectively

This app helps divorced parents co-parent in an easy and efficient way.


8 Easy steps to help someone start running

Got a friend who’s ready to give running a try? Here’s how to get them off to a good start.


5 Gentle yoga poses that help relieve stress

Holding gentle poses for minutes at a time releases tension in the body and the mind.


Be their hero: Siya Kolisi's journey to fatherhood

Men's Health interviewed rugby star Siya Kolisi on becoming a father.


The 10 things I miss about life before kids

Can you relate these things? It's okay to admit it...


Here's the scary reality behind having a child with a terminal disorder

Being a parent is stressful for everyone, but having a child with a terminal condition adds a new layer of difficulty.


Our readers respond to 'Mothers, stop serving your sons!'

Some strong responses received from Parent24 readers on mothers spoiling their sons – and why dads shouldn't be "helping" moms.


Being a working mother is not bad for your children

New research shows that for working mothers the benefits far outweigh the burdens.


Did you catch these stories?

Parent24's top stories for the week: the Nanny Series, newborn princesses, help for maths from preschool to matric, the family's mental health and loads more.


The terrifying prevalence of child sexual abuse is costing the country by the billion

For the first time, a nationally conducted study is able to place a monetary value on what child sexual abuse is costing the economy.


Mothers, stop serving your sons!

Do mothers perpetuate the stereotype that household chores are a woman's work?


Worried about your child's sleep problems? Could that be why you're depressed?

Could unnecessary worry about how your child is sleeping be the cause of your depression?


The hilarious parents of Twitter are at it again

This is how parents keep their sanity in check.
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