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Bring back date nights!

We know the pressures of life: little sleep, school runs, tight schedules, sick kids, work, laundry and school assignments. Just getting our kids to school without forgetting their lunchbox or school bag at home (don't forget civvies day!) is cause for a tiny celebration. 

At night, once the kids are in bed, we're exhausted. Sex... are you kidding? Romance? Forget about it.

But what if we all prioritise date night? Making it number one in our schedule? Sitting down and saying if we do ONE thing this month, just one thing, it's going to be a date.

Your kids will survive, you won't get fired, the house won't turn upside down, it's just a date. And don't let your small budget or lack of babysitters be an excuse – there are ways around that. 

We see each other every evening... why do date night?

Because at home there are distractions. The TV is on, the iPad beeps, the kids call for one of a hundred reasons, you remember you have to call your mom, or fold the laundry, or work on a presentation for the next day. To sit down and look each other in the eye and have a heart-to-heart chat seems a lot harder to do at home, unless you're very intentional about it – and both are well up for it.

Plus it's nice to dress up!

We can't afford it

Yes, it can add up: a restaurant bill, plus babysitter fees, plus a taxi home (you're not going to drink and drive, are you?). You can save up for that special anniversary date. But your monthly date night doesn't have to break the bank. Here are ways to make date night more affordable:

  • Perhaps family, good neighbours or church friends can watch your kids while you pop out. Be sure to return the favour!
  • Follow discount sites for those 2-for-1 meal coupons, or for something a bit more special, check out Food24's monthly list of foodie fabulous experiences at special rates. 
  • Subscribe to a loyalty programme such as Discovery, Edgars Club, Clicks Clubcard, Sanlam Reality, Momemtum Multiply, and a host of others that offer movie tickets at a great discount. (Just find out if there are other costs involved and ensure you'll actually use those benefits before signing up for a monthly fee). 
  • Eat at home then take a stroll through the mall for a coffee and dessert. 
  • Take an hour or two off work while the kids are at school, and go for breakfast or lunch. Or pop back home!
  • Book a date, prepare a very special meal, get the kids to bed early, take a shower and sit down together by candlelight. 
  • Perhaps a friend or family member will be willing to pick you up at an arranged time and take you home so you don't have to drive.

What you should be paying your babysitter (2015)

We are happy, thanks!

Great stuff. Perhaps you think date nights are for newly-wed couples? Fact is, it's a whole bunch of fun to book a date, send each other messages throughout the week, make a bit of an effort and look at each other like you see them for the first time. And kiss like you used to! That right there is enough to keep the spark (or put it back) in any marriage. Show each other you're more than a team, more than best friends. You're lovers too and still thrilled to enjoy special time together.

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