Learning difficulties

Down syndrome won't keep me down: four friends open own pizza business!

Struggling to fight discrimination and find jobs, four friends, each living with Down syndrome, decided to open their own catering service – and it's thriving.


School rugby and concussions: why parents can't bury their heads in the sand

World Rugby is trying to increase awareness around one of the most common rugby injuries.


Thousands vaccinated in Stellenbosch after measles outbreak

A total of 2,700 learners in three Stellenbosch schools have been successfully vaccinated against measles.


Mosquito nets, chests and other dangers lurking in your home

Watch out for these everyday household items.


Measles outbreak in Stellenbosch: how to protect your kids

A measles outbreak in Stellenbosch is under control, says Dr Beth Engelbrecht, head of the Western Cape Department of Health.


10 best timesavers for busy moms

When you’re a mom, there are just never enough hours in the day, so we’ve got 10 great timesavers to help you keep on top of your to-do list


How to help a choking baby

Don't panic when your child is choking, just follow these steps.


Beach "queen" loving her mommy body

A Cape Town mom revealed pictures of her post-baby body in a monokini on the beach, saying our bodies are beautiful because they are. Amen, sister!


SA snakes and snakebites: a parent's guide

A quick guide to which South African snakes are dangerous, what their bites can do and what to do if your child was bitten by a snake.


How to have sun-safe kids - five simple rules

Serious damage is done to the skin by sun exposure in childhood. Protecting your children’s skin now could prevent skin cancer later in life.


Travel first aid kit

Be prepared for most travel emergencies this festive season.


#16Days of Storytelling

Heartlines is encouraging everyone to share their stories, create awareness and uplift each other.


Everything you need to know about child abuse

It is our legal duty to protect all children against child abuse and report abuse when we suspect it. So how do you know and what do you do?


How do I know if my baby has reflux?

Vomiting is normal in babies if it occurs as a little spit-up after feeding and when your baby breaks wind – this is called posseting. Excessive vomiting, however, especially if related to feeding, may well be reflux.


Kids need fats

The right fats are a must for brain development and heart health.


5 Celebrities with Down syndrome who are changing the world

Across the world, people with Down syndrome are breaking down stereotypes about their genetic condition. From designers of beautiful clothes to award-winning actors, here are five celebrities who haven't let their Down syndrome stop them from achieving great success.


National Down Syndrome Awareness Day 2016: The road to an inclusive tomorrow

Down Syndrome South Africa wants to improve the quality of life for every person with Down syndrome in South Africa, by lobbying government for rights, educating the public and offering support to parents.


Down Syndrome Awareness Day: how far we've come!

South Africa is celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness Day today. Here's a look at all things DS.


3 SA families living with haemophilia

Three moms talk about how this condition affects their families.


10 medicine dos and don’ts

Take care when giving your baby that pill or potion.


What is the homeopathic view on vaccinations?

Dr Neil Gower of the Homeopathic Association of South Africa responds to a reader about alternative medicines for vaccinations.


How many times has your child been on antibiotics this year?

Crèches and schools are ringing with coughs and sneezes and parents throng doctors’ offices, many of them leaving with a prescription for antibiotics. Watch this video to see the effect of antibiotics on bacteria.


Your top 13 vaccine questions answered

Explanations for everything you've always wanted to ask about those injections.
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