What is the homeopathic view on vaccinations?
Dr Neil Gower of the Homeopathic Association of South Africa responds to a reader about alternative medicines for vaccinations.

Recently we published an article about the top 13 vaccine questions. We received a letter from a reader requesting another point of view specifically asking about the homeopathic view on vaccinations. 

To whom it may concern

Please can we get an alternate point of views regarding vaccine questions. A more holistic point of view to Your article on the 9 September "Your top 13 vaccine questions answered".

This focused on the views of Sinclair & Burnett. Are they traditional medical doctors who are one sided and pro vaccines only or working for pharmaceutical companies manufacturing vaccines cause they certainly sound like they are doing a marketing job of vaccines.

They cannot be the definitive conclusion to these questions above. One sided views in articles like these really frustrate me when I know there is another side to an argument.

What would homeopathic medicine suggest, what are other views?

Regards Brandon 

Editor's reply

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your letter. We have spoken to Dr Neil Gower who is the national secretary of the Homoeopathic Association of South Africa. You can see his view on the matter here.

We also spoke to Dr Alan Walters, medical director of Cape Medical Response in Cape Town about the anti-vaccination movement and you can read his response here.

What are your views on alternative medicines for vaccinations? Send us your thoughts to chatback@parent24.com.

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