4 ways to tackle child malnutrition the Brazilian way

Brazil managed to drive down child stunting from 55% to 6%. Here's how they did it.


Fizzy drinks, chubby girls

What kids drink at 5-years-old could affect their weight when they're teens.


3 Healthy recipes for essential nutrition

Add these to your diet to ensure you’re getting essential omega 3s and omega 6s.


Slow cooker comforts your family will love

We'd all like to make sure everybody in the family eats at least one healthy meal a day. Many of struggle to find the time to cook, but with a but of prep in the morning, a healthy supper is sorted in no time.


Wholewheat soda bread

This bread is ideal for pregnant and lactating women because it does not contain yeast, which can aggravate a Candida infection. 


7-day meal guide

We solve the "What's for dinner?" problem with a week's worth of easy, nutritious recipes for your older baby and toddler.


Ultimate Macaroni Cheese

This easy pasta dish full of cheesy deliciousness and topped with toasted breadcrumbs is certain to become a firm family favourite.


Vegetable Stir Fried Rice

Jamie’s got a super easy, super healthy stir-fry recipe perfect for novice cooks.


Crispy Salmon Fishcakes

Food Tube's Queen of home cooking Kerryann shares an easy, tasty and affordable way to make Salmon Fishcakes from scratch.


Food allergies on the rise?

One in 12 children in the US may have a food allergy, with more than a third of those having severe allergies.


A thousand splendid days

The first 1000 days of a child’s life can determine what kind of a future that child will have.


Watching children eat

Cameras have been installed in a school’s lunchroom in the U.S. to keep track of what children eat.


Video games make kids eat more?

An hour spent playing video games may make teen boys eat more over the rest of the day.


Are probiotics really necessary?

A dietician identifies what they are and why your child might need them.


Obese at age 3

Lu Zhihao from China weighs five times more than an average boy his age.


Sleep and eating problems go together

Parents who have a hard time getting their toddlers to sleep may also have trouble at mealtimes.


Are energy drinks good for your child?

Choose your child’s drinks as carefully as his food, advises a dietician.


Pre-teen girls need vitamin D?

To have healthy bones pre-teen girls may need more vitamin D in winter.


No brain benefit to iron?

Giving impoverished infants iron and zinc supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies may not have lasting benefits.


Forget fruits and veggies?

Eating more fruits and vegetables may not protect children from developing allergies.


Solid foods linked to obesity

Babies who start eating solid foods before they are 4 months old may become obese.


Lunchbox diet guidelines

School lunches need more fruit and vegetables and less salt and fat.


Should toddlers snack?

Is a little snack going to spoil his appetite? A dietician explains your toddler’s nutritional needs.


Video games fight flab?

Playing video games can be used to encourage kids to eat healthier foods.
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