Trying to conceive

Busted! Fertility misconceptions explained

Put your legs in the air after sex. You only need to worry if you’re 35. Being on the pill delays your fertility. True or false? We dispel the most common fertility myths – and tell you which ones are true.


Single women and fertility treatment: a specialist answers all our questions

We sat down with Cape Town-based reproductive health specialist Dr Klaus Wiswedel to ask questions about freezing eggs, single parenthood by choice and the rise of fertility treatment in South Africa.

Fertility problems

When is the best time for you to have a baby? Well, your body says before 35

While you might have planned out exactly when you'd like to settle down, get pregnant and expand your family, your body might have alternate plans.

Fertility problems

What is an incompetent cervix? A mom shares her story

Geraldine Monaheng* shares her tragic story of living with the painful condition which almost left her childless.

Pregnancy health

Pregnancy and folic acid: a prevention success story

While the exact cause of spina bifida and other neural-tube defects isn’t known, what’s certain is that proper supplementation of the B vitamin folic acid, both before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy, goes a long way to preventing these devastating birth defects.


Do men grieve over a miscarriage?

When a woman suffers the loss of her baby, the grieving is inevitable. So, should we expect our partners to grieve with us, or be the pillars of strength through an emotional time?

Trying to conceive

Kim Kardashian West welcomes a baby girl and thanks her surrogate for “the greatest gift one could give”

Kim Kardashian welcomes her new baby via surrogate and we explain what it's really like for both mother and carrier.


What! Mom and baby conceived one year apart?

"We could have been best friends," says elated new mom, Tina Gibson. Her baby Emma is a result of an embryo that was frozen in 1992!

Fertility treatment

So what's the deal with donating eggs?

If you're interested in assisted conception or in becoming an egg donor, our sex columnist Jade Zwane has all the information you'd need.

Trying to conceive

How sleep and alcohol affects your chances of conception

Struggling to sleep may affect a woman’s chance of falling pregnant, new research has found.


WATCH: Gabrielle Union and 11 other A-list celebrities who have opened up about their miscarriages

Gabrielle Union recently opened up about having had “eight or nine miscarriages”. We look back at some other big names who have also struggled with fertility and gone on to have beautiful babies.

Fertility treatment

Four babies in one year for British mom who struggled to conceive

"We couldn't believe it. It was a massive shock but we were obviously delighted."


Shining the light on child loss with The Empty Project

Losing a child can be a lonely experience. This mom uses her photography to shed some light on the immense grief of child loss.

Trying to conceive

This app will help you find someone to have a baby with

This app helps you find someone to procreate with.

Fertility problems

‘I thought I could never have kids because of endometriosis – until I stopped trying’

Rechelle Heldsinger couldn’t believe her ears when the doctor told her that she was pregnant.

Fertility treatment

“My endometriosis led to me having a child via surrogacy”

Blogger Susann Deysel shares the journey to becoming a mother via surrogacy, after endometriosis left her infertile.

Fertility problems

"Since having my last child, my body has become a mess"

"I felt like I was ugly, scarred, and completely broken."

Fertility problems

A letter to the children I’ll never have

"Know that I really wanted to see you all grow inside of me."

Fertility treatment

‘I’m having my husband’s sister’s baby!’

Rachel is now 31 weeks pregnant with a little girl.

Fertility treatment

Can you choose your baby's gender?

If you could pick having a baby boy or girl - would you?

Fertility problems

How society puts pressure on women to have children

Have you been culturally shamed for not having children, or been the subject of gossip for not being able to fall pregnant?

Fertility treatment

Why donor-conceived children need to know their origins

In Australia, it's law that all kids born via egg or sperm donation has the right to know who the donor was. Should this legal in South Africa too?

Trying to conceive

Ovulation calculator: when am I fertile?

Are you trying to get pregnant? Get out your calendar and try our ovulation calculator and tips.

Fertility treatment

64-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to twins after IVF

After receiving fertility treatment in the US, a Spanish woman successfully gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy.

Fertility treatment

From "unexplained fertility" to 13 eggs and 2 babies

A mom of twin boys shares her and her husband's journey of fertility treatment – from being told they're infertile to going for IVF treatment.

Fertility problems

Infertility and why SA should redefine disability

South Africa lacks a clear definition of disability – and its limited view of who should be regarded as having a disability in the labour market is at odds with international practice.


"I still cry for my babies"

Miscarriage can bring about a devastating period of confusion and depression, as this reader found out last year. But there's hope, she says.


"No-one wanted to hear about my miscarriage"

A woman and mother tells us about the terrible isolation and loss she felt after her miscarriage - because society would not discuss the topic.
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