Fertility treatment

Can you choose your baby's gender?

If you could pick having a baby boy or girl - would you?

Fertility problems

How society puts pressure on women to have children

Have you been culturally shamed for not having children, or been the subject of gossip for not being able to fall pregnant?

Fertility treatment

Why donor-conceived children need to know their origins

In Australia, it's law that all kids born via egg or sperm donation has the right to know who the donor was. Should this legal in South Africa too?

Trying to conceive

Ovulation calculator: when am I fertile?

Are you trying to get pregnant? Get out your calendar and try our ovulation calculator and tips.

Fertility treatment

64-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to twins after IVF

After receiving fertility treatment in the US, a Spanish woman successfully gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy.

Fertility treatment

From "unexplained fertility" to 13 eggs and 2 babies

A mom of twin boys shares her and her husband's journey of fertility treatment – from being told they're infertile to going for IVF treatment.

Fertility problems

Infertility and why SA should redefine disability

South Africa lacks a clear definition of disability – and its limited view of who should be regarded as having a disability in the labour market is at odds with international practice.


"I still cry for my babies"

Miscarriage can bring about a devastating period of confusion and depression, as this reader found out last year. But there's hope, she says.


"No-one wanted to hear about my miscarriage"

A woman and mother tells us about the terrible isolation and loss she felt after her miscarriage - because society would not discuss the topic.

Trying to conceive

So you think you can parent?

Forget what any so-called experts have told you, if you can survive these 5 scenarios, you’re the stuff parents are made of!

Fertility problems

Chrissy Teigen: "I'll be a surrogate for Kim Kardashian!"

After Kim mentioned she's considering surrogacy for her third pregnancy, Chrissy made this bold statement in a recent interview.

Trying to conceive

Seven simple reasons to save your swimmers

Semen cryopreservation is not only for men battling cancer.

Trying to conceive

Have sex, in any position and often

Certain positions for sex, certain positions for after sex - scrap it all!

Fertility treatment

World's first baby born from 3-parent technique - report

The world's first baby has been born thanks to a controversial new technique employed by US scientists to include DNA from three parents in the embryo, a report says.

Trying to conceive

Do you have to tell the dad you're having an abortion? The law says NO in SA

A celeb reveals her abortion story and we find out what the law has to say about it in SA.

Trying to conceive

Is this new fertility gadget a game changer?

Fertility monitor Daysy hailed as the 'Swiss watch' of natural birth control.

Trying to conceive

A new male contraceptive could help men bear the family planning burden

A safe, simple method with little side-effects, which is fully reversible too? Bring it on!

Health & Safety

What is pelvic inflammatory disease?

PID can harm your chances of falling pregnant. Here's all you need to know.

Fertility problems

Difficulty conceiving a second time

Getting pregnant after your first child may not always be that easy. Here's why.

Trying to conceive

Reader's Letters: Becoming a mom after 40

Many celebrity moms had babies after 40, but some readers have too. A few share their experiences with us.

Trying to conceive

Kids explain how babies are made

Kids share their thoughts on how babies are made and where they come from.

Trying to conceive

Gordon Ramsay's wife, Tana, pregnant with fifth child

Gordon and Tana Ramsay are expecting their fifth child after 14 years.

Trying to conceive

Woman gives birth at 72!

An Indian woman gave birth to a baby boy after two years of IVF treatments.

Fertility problems

Boost your fertility with these easy steps

If you're planning to fall pregnant in the nest few months, prepare your body and pave the way to conception and a healthy pregnancy by following these simple steps.

Trying to conceive

Chrissy Teigen under fire for choosing gender of baby via IVF

Is it unethical to choose the gender of your baby?


What we can learn from the Zephany case

"I had a bad feeling – something was wrong."

Fertility problems

Endometriosis: what it means for me and my baby

For some women, endometriosis means severe pain or struggles with infertility. But for others it can be totally symptomless.

Trying to conceive

Understanding ovulation

Understanding the intricate workings of ovulation will go a long way in boosting your fertility.

Trying to conceive

The baby-making journey

Sometimes making a baby is as simple as one, two, three. But often it isn't. Here is your road map to conception.
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