Fertility problems

Fertility problems

Fertility problems? No need for stress

Having a good relationship can help the process of fertility treatment be less stressful.

Fertility problems

Infertility and why SA should redefine disability

South Africa lacks a clear definition of disability – and its limited view of who should be regarded as having a disability in the labour market is at odds with international practice.

Fertility problems

Chrissy Teigen: "I'll be a surrogate for Kim Kardashian!"

After Kim mentioned she's considering surrogacy for her third pregnancy, Chrissy made this bold statement in a recent interview.

Fertility problems

Difficulty conceiving a second time

Getting pregnant after your first child may not always be that easy. Here's why.

Fertility problems

Boost your fertility with these easy steps

If you're planning to fall pregnant in the nest few months, prepare your body and pave the way to conception and a healthy pregnancy by following these simple steps.

Fertility problems

Endometriosis: what it means for me and my baby

For some women, endometriosis means severe pain or struggles with infertility. But for others it can be totally symptomless.

Fertility problems

Infertility 101

You probably hear the word a lot, but what is infertility, what causes it, and how is it treated?

Fertility problems

No baby? It's none of your business!

Here's why you should never ask someone when they'll have a baby, or nr 2, 3 or 4.

Fertility problems

Kinds of infertility

What kind of infertility do you have? Here's how to decode the problem.

Fertility problems

When menopause strikes early

How menopause affects your fertility. 

Fertility problems

Fertility and PCOS

PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility in women, but it doesn't mean that falling pregnant is impossible.

Fertility problems

How to tell an infertile friend that you're pregnant

Falling pregnant is an exciting time but how can you tell your friend who is struggling with infertility?

Fertility problems

Tech giants pay for employees to freeze their eggs

Apple and Facebook offer to pay for eggs to be frozen to aid women in their careers.

Fertility problems

The adoption process

Here are the steps you’ll have to go through when you adopt in South Africa.

Fertility problems

Is tight underwear making you infertile?

Every day lifestyle choices could be negatively affecting your fertility.

Fertility problems

What pill should every woman take?

If you’ve got ovaries, read on and find out what you could be missing.

Fertility problems

Ambidextrous and infertile?

Handedness may be linked to fertility a new study suggests.

Fertility problems

Faith and fertility

Infertility can be a ruthless struggle between the sacred and the profane.

Fertility problems

'No more babies, please, I’m 21'

Finding a doctor willing to sterilise you at 21 is hard, discovers Karen Meyer.

Fertility problems

Want to fall pregnant? Step on it.

Could reflexology cure infertility? Put one foot in front of the other to find out!
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