Fertility treatment

From "unexplained fertility" to 13 eggs and 2 babies

A mom of twin boys shares her and her husband's journey of fertility treatment – from being told they're infertile to going for IVF treatment.

Fertility treatment

World's first baby born from 3-parent technique - report

The world's first baby has been born thanks to a controversial new technique employed by US scientists to include DNA from three parents in the embryo, a report says.

Fertility treatment

Children are not Stikeez

How many kids is too many?

Fertility treatment

Alternative TTC treatments

When you've tried everything and you're still not pregnant these treatments might be the answer.

Fertility treatment

Visiting a fertility clinic

Many couples are ready to seek help but unsure of what the next step is. Here we explain what to expect from fertility clinics.

Fertility treatment

Acupuncture: The infertility cure?

All it takes to fall pregnant could be one little prick, suggests Tamsin Oxford.

Fertility treatment

TTC groups: what the abbreviations mean

If you've joined a TTC (trying to conceive) group, you must be wondering what all the abbreviations are. We've got you covered.

Fertility treatment

Q&A: All you need to know about surrogacy

Robynne Friedman, an attorney specialising in surrogacy law, answers some often-asked questions.

Fertility treatment

Can cupping cure infertilty?

When you’re staring infertility in the face you find yourself willing to do anything to fall pregnant.

Fertility treatment

Diane’s story: I was a surrogate – after having twins via artificial insemination

Too old to be an egg donor, Diane decided to help other women to become mothers via surrogacy.

Fertility treatment

Robynne’s story: “We had a baby via a surrogate”

One mother's struggle with surrogacy highlights the need for the change in surrogacy law.

Fertility treatment

Surrogacy: What the proposed new law means

If passed the new law will have far-reaching implications for people wishing to have babies via a surrogate.

Fertility treatment

Treating infertility with urine therapy

Urine has been described as the Waters of Life and many swear by its healing properties.

Fertility treatment

What is hypno-fertility?

You've tried everything else and it may feel like you'll never fall pregnant. Fertility experts chat to us about a treatment that could be the answer.

Fertility treatment

Vasectomy reversals

Can your partner get his fertility back after having a vasectomy? 

Fertility treatment

The world awaits the first womb transplant baby

A Swedish woman is pregnant after doctors successfully introduced an embryo into her transplanted womb.

Fertility treatment

Treating infertility in men

Inferttility in men can be quite difficult to deal with. Dr Paul le Roux looks at the ins and outs of of to treat male infertility. 

Fertility treatment

The IUI (AI) journey

Here's what to expect from IUI, from the procedure to costs.

Fertility treatment

All about egg donation

Why do women need donor eggs, and what are the processes and legalities involved?

Fertility treatment

Fired for using artificial insemination

A teacher at a Catholic school has lost her job after using artificial insemination.

Fertility treatment

Artificial insemination (IUI): how it works

This video by Pregnancy Health Guru shows you what articifical insemination (intra-uterine insemination) is and how it works.
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