Trying to conceive

So you think you can parent?

Forget what any so-called experts have told you, if you can survive these 5 scenarios, you’re the stuff parents are made of!

Trying to conceive

Seven simple reasons to save your swimmers

Semen cryopreservation is not only for men battling cancer.

Trying to conceive

Have sex, in any position and often

Certain positions for sex, certain positions for after sex - scrap it all!

Trying to conceive

Do you have to tell the dad you're having an abortion? The law says NO in SA

A celeb reveals her abortion story and we find out what the law has to say about it in SA.

Trying to conceive

Is this new fertility gadget a game changer?

Fertility monitor Daysy hailed as the 'Swiss watch' of natural birth control.

Trying to conceive

A new male contraceptive could help men bear the family planning burden

A safe, simple method with little side-effects, which is fully reversible too? Bring it on!

Trying to conceive

Kids explain how babies are made

Kids share their thoughts on how babies are made and where they come from.

Trying to conceive

Reader's Letters: Becoming a mom after 40

Many celebrity moms had babies after 40, but some readers have too. A few share their experiences with us.

Trying to conceive

Gordon Ramsay's wife, Tana, pregnant with fifth child

Gordon and Tana Ramsay are expecting their fifth child after 14 years.

Trying to conceive

Woman gives birth at 72!

An Indian woman gave birth to a baby boy after two years of IVF treatments.

Trying to conceive

Chrissy Teigen under fire for choosing gender of baby via IVF

Is it unethical to choose the gender of your baby?

Trying to conceive

Understanding ovulation

Understanding the intricate workings of ovulation will go a long way in boosting your fertility.

Trying to conceive

Signs of ovulation

Trying to fall pregnant? Look out for these signs to know when you're ovulating.

Trying to conceive

Sex, ovulation, ejaculation and fertilisation: real-life video

Remarkable video reveals real-life footage of the miracle of fertilisation (NSFW).

Trying to conceive

The baby-making journey

Sometimes making a baby is as simple as one, two, three. But often it isn't. Here is your road map to conception.

Trying to conceive

Four men and a baby

Two new moms reflect on their less-than-straightforward road to conception.

Trying to conceive

Signs a baby is on the way

Missed your period and suspicious that there is a tiny little stowaway in utero? These are usually a sign that there is.

Trying to conceive

How accurate is peeing on a stick?

Can peeing on a stick really give you the answers?

Trying to conceive

You CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding moms can still get pregnant, despite beliefs to the contrary.

Trying to conceive

How to test for a pregnancy

From faint lines on home kits to blood tests; how can you tell if you're pregnant?

Trying to conceive

Sparks 'fly' when egg and sperm cells meet

Science proves that when sperm and egg cells hook up, there are 'fireworks'.

Trying to conceive

Jane the Virgin actor's epic pregnancy announcement

Watch how friends and family react to the great news!

Trying to conceive

Get a check on your fertility

Before you try to conceive, getting your fertility checked out might be a good idea.

Trying to conceive

Pregnant and over 35? Read here

Embarking on a baby-making journey later on in life? Here's all you need to know.
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