Mom called 'slut' for breastfeeding in public

Young mom is left in tears after being harassed for breastfeeding in public.

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Breastfeeding song will make you snort with laughter

Singing duo’s hilarious video makes fun of people who are uptight about breastfeeding.

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Café encourages breastfeeding in public

Do we need more "safe places" to breastfeed in public?

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No breastfeeding in public!

This mother was ordered to stop breastfeeding in public.

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3 breastfeeding positions

A mom shares 3 simple breastfeeding positions to help new moms and their babies.

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'Public breastfeeding is offensive'

Does a mother feeding her baby in public offend you? See what these users had to say.

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Boobs out for the babes

Chris McEvoy can't understand how people can see breastfeeding as creepy.

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Breastfeeding - The African way

Have African women become westernised when it comes to breastfeeding?

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Overcoming common breastfeeding problems

If a mom hits a hurdle in her breastfeeding, it doesn’t mean she needs to change to bottle feeding.

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Top breastfeeding tips

How to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

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Breastfeeding and nipple tattoos

'Tittooing' is the latest craze but could it affect breastfeeding your baby?

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Is shared breastfeeding wrong?

With formula and breast pumps readily available, is cross-nursing unnecessary?
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