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'Public breastfeeding is offensive'

Does a mother feeding her baby in public offend you? See what these users had to say.

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Overcoming common breastfeeding problems

If a mom hits a hurdle in her breastfeeding, it doesn’t mean she needs to change to bottle feeding.

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Boobs out for the babes

Chris McEvoy can't understand how people can see breastfeeding as creepy.


Mom called 'slut' for breastfeeding in public

Young mom is left in tears after being harassed for breastfeeding in public.

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Breastfeeding - The African way

Have African women become westernised when it comes to breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding and nipple tattoos

'Tittooing' is the latest craze but could it affect breastfeeding your baby?

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Is shared breastfeeding wrong?

With formula and breast pumps readily available, is cross-nursing unnecessary?

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Pink’s baby boobs

Has breastfeeding changed the shape of your breasts? Pink says 'YES'.

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Flash your boobs for Public Breastfeeding Day!

Will you embrace public breastfeeding with other moms around the world?

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‘Boobs in the loo!’

Mom ordered to breastfeed baby in bathroom to prevent ‘indecent exposure’.


“I want my boobs back!”

How do men deal with the sexuality of breasts vs. breastfeeding?

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Does Beyoncé make public breastfeeding cool?

Beyoncé breastfed Blue Ivy in public and the breastfeeding world is ecstatic.
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