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Kids steal car to visit grandma

These kids were so desperate to spend time with grandma, they ended up stealing a car.

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This kid's simple request will blow you away

Sometimes even little children can offer life-changing advice.

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Toddler buys car off eBay

A toddler pressing the wrong buttons on your phone can end up costing you a fortune.

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Your kid's winter jacket could be a safety hazard

Your child’s puffy winter jacket can actually put his life in danger when worn in a car seat.

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Watch! Father and sick son reunited

The best Father’s Day gift is just to be with your children.

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Drunk mom swigs vodka with baby in car

Woman found to be three times over the limit while her baby girl was strapped in the car.

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7 reasons why you SHOULD travel with young kids

Don't think your days of travel are over just because you have a new addition to the family!

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LOL! Kids talk about cars

Ever wondered if your kids think mommy or daddy is the best driver?

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4 common car-safety mistakes parents make

Take the right precautions to ensure your child’s safety in the car when travelling.

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Boy's passport doodles get dad stuck in South Korea

This boy thought he was being creative and now his dad is stuck in South Korea!

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6 classic car games to keep your kids happy

If you're tired of hearing "Are we there yet?" from the back seat, try playing these games with your kids.

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Toy cars change lives of kids with disabilities

These battery-powered Jeep and Barbie cars have changed the lives of many children with mobility disabilities.

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Hilarious! Boy sleep drives his toy car

Watch this adorable boy sleep drive his toy car.
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