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Softer isn't safer for sleeping babies
Many parents use soft bedding despite warnings that cushioning could increase the risk of infant death. Read More
Thousands of kids in hospital for window falls
Over 5,100 American kids are admitted to hospital every year due to falling out of windows. Read More
Toxic car seats
More than half of children's car seats sold in the United States contain hazardous chemicals. Read More
Sharing your bed won't harm your child
There is no need to worry about harming your toddler's intellectual or social development if bed-sharing works for you. Read More
Are kids safer with grandparents driving?
When children are involved in a car accident, they are less likely to be injured if grandma or grandpa are driving rather than mom or dad. Read More
Near-drowning kids do okay?
The majority of people who survive a near-drowning in childhood will not suffer significantly as adults. Read More
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