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Is surrogacy safe in SA?

Surrogacy is a complex process which can be problematic- here’s what SA law says. Read More

Real-life adoption stories

Find out what it's like to adopt in South Africa. Read More

Adopted son dumped after 9 years

Parents arrested after attempting to return adopted child to state officials. Read More

Couple ‘sell child to buy iPhone’

Desperate parents sell child online and buy iPhone and sports shoes. Read More

Shocking adoption hoax

Sharon explains how con artists are exploiting the infertility community with adoption hoaxes. Read More

When adoption goes wrong

Find out how to take the risks out of the adoption process. Read More

What makes me a mom?

Can non-biological parents love their kids as much as biological parents? Read More

Parent24 chats to Melinda

Melinda shares with us the joys, trials and tribulations she's had to endure when adopting her two beautiful kids. Read More

Parent24 chats to Norah

Norah chats to us about her experience as an adoptive daughter. Read More

Is it safe to arrange a private adoption?

Don’t be tempted to bypass adoption procedures, advises Terri Lailvaux. Read More

Want to be a parent? You should adopt!

Adoption is more responsible than “breeding”, according to Tauriq Moosa. Read More


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