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How to get pregnant in 1 minute

This short video explains what needs to happen for conception to take place. Read More

Crazy facts about sperm and testicles

Weird facts about male bits that will satisfy your curiosity. Read More

Alternative TTC treatments

When you've tried everything and you're still not pregnant these treatments might be the answer. Read More

How to test for a pregnancy

From faint lines on home kits to blood tests; how can you tell if you're pregnant? Read More

You CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding moms can still get pregnant, despite beliefs to the contrary. Read More

Your pre-breeding checklist

Don’t wait until you are pregnant to clean up your act. Here’s a look at the importance of pre-conception planning. Read More

Cute, clever and crazy pregnancy announcements

Here are some great (and some not so great) ideas on how to announce a pregnancy. Read More

Sex, ovulation, ejaculation and fertilisation: real-life video

Remarkable video reveals real-life footage of the miracle of fertilisation (NSFW). Read More

What your cervical mucus looks when you're fertile

Checking when you're ovulating has just become much easier. Read More

Dentist hopes to be cloned Beatle’s dad

Man buys John Lennon’s tooth to create a clone using the singer’s DNA. Read More

Denmark’s ‘more sex’ ad solution

Danes urged to have more sex to make more babies in crazy travel competition. Read More


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