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Robyn van der Merwe

Parenting: the constant unknown

A young couple considers the scary and wonderful consequences of deciding to be parents for the first time. Read More

‘Half of all pregnancies unplanned’

If you are a sexually active woman, there is a good chance you can become pregnant. Read More

WATCH: Ovulation, conception and birth

Take a look at what happens to the human body during ovulation, conception, pregnancy and birth. Read More

Obsessed with conceiving

Some of the strange things couples get up to when trying to have a baby. Read More

Mom gives birth to quads at 65

Mom to 13 kids and grandmother to 7 children has 4 babies at 26 weeks. Read More

Jane the Virgin actor's epic pregnancy announcement

Watch how friends and family react to the great news! Read More

Pregnancy quest goes viral for the WRONG woman

Woman’s ad seeking a man to impregnate her results in weird case of mistaken identity. Read More

How many children are enough?

Natasha Clark asks for your help: how do you decide how many children to have? Read More

Sparks 'fly' when egg and sperm cells meet

Science proves that when sperm and egg cells hook up, there are 'fireworks'. Read More

Pregnant woman blasts anti-abortion activists

Watch this mom defend the rights of women who choose to abort. Read More

Pregnancy test and funeral urn tell a tragic story

TTC wife discovers she’s pregnant the day before her husband’s funeral. Read More


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