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Dentist hopes to be cloned Beatle’s dad

Man buys John Lennon’s tooth to create a clone using the singer’s DNA. Read More

Denmark’s ‘more sex’ ad solution

Danes urged to have more sex to make more babies in crazy travel competition. Read More

The world awaits the first womb transplant baby

A Swedish woman is pregnant after doctors successfully introduced an embryo into her transplanted womb. Read More

7 steps to making a baby

Ever wondered what's REALLY needed to make a baby? Read More

My husband is not the father of my child.

What happens when your child's real father turns out to be a convicted kidnapper? Read More

'My daughter is my grandchild'

Mother, 58, becomes surrogate to her own daughter’s child. Read More

White supremacist’s DNA shock

Racist discovers he’s 14% black on TV, reacts badly. Read More

Horrible facepalm moment!

Asking THAT stupid question results in humiliation, so why do we do it? Read More

The great 'penis-beaker' debate

How a simple forum question destroyed the internet: Do you dunk your penis? Read More

18 tips on male bits!

Top fertility tips for men (and something to make you laugh). Read More

Simon Cowell on parenting

Tough reality show judge reacts to 7 tricky parenting questions. Read More


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