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'Shejaculation' and conception

Does female ejaculation help or hinder baby making?
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By Scott Dunlop

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Article originally in Parent24
Sex is central to falling pregnant, and there are many suggestions available about the best sex positions for conception (a hotly debated topic). In amongst those discussions, a frequently asked question has popped up: Does female ejaculation harm sperm?

What is gushing or squirting?

Female ejaculation is described as “the expulsion of fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm” [colloquially: gushing or squirting]. Controversially, not every woman experiences ejaculation (which is different to regular orgasm), and even medical professionals’ opinions differ widely on the topic.

Central to the debate on the effects of female ejaculation on conception are two considerations:
  • Does the PH of the fluid ejaculated harm the sperm, and
  • Should the woman ejaculate before or after the man?
Fluid ejaculated during orgasm is different to the regular fluid or mucus tested during an ordinary vaginal/cervical swab. Even the composition of the fluid ejaculated is hotly debated. An ordinary gynaecological examination along with the usual tests should uncover any infective organisms, while more comprehensive infertility tests could uncover any other biological reason for compromised fertility.

Opinions vary on WHEN the woman should ejaculate: From before, to after the man ejaculates to not at all. “Not at all” would obviously defuse the “is it safe” concerns, but significantly reduce the fun factor of baby-making sex. According to

It is possible that orgasm would help with sperm motility into the cervix, by virtue of uterine contractions, but that is not a necessity. Many women do not have orgasm and still get pregnant.”

 In addition, it has been said that it doesn’t matter when the woman ejaculates, as, depending on the time in her cycle, the fluid in her vagina and cervix are conducive to the survival of the sperm- since the origin of female ejaculation is lower down when the man ejaculates (into the vagina), it’s likely that the two are not affected by each other.

What is “shejaculate”?

Says Women24 Sex Columnist, Dorothy Black:

 “... shejaculate can measure a tablespoon to two cups of liquid – way more than can be contained in a tiny prostrate gland. Analysis of the fluid has revealed that while it contains traces of components found in urine, it's primary chemical markers are those unique to the prostate.

Smell, colour and taste vary from person to person but, generally, in small quantities it may be a mucous-like fluid of a clear, milky, or yellowish colouration with a distinct scent that is musky or pungent. As the volume increases so the fluid becomes clearer and scent-free. “

Things to consider avoiding:

Scented tampons and sanitary pads, lubricants or creams designed to enhance sexual pleasure should be avoided while TTC.

Go for it!

The consensus, it seems, is that a healthy, passionate sex life is great when it comes to increasing the chances of conception, and that female ejaculation before, during or after male ejaculation is nothing more than an added benefit!

If you’re concerned that you’re taking too long to conceive, do visit your gynaecologist or GP for advice.

Disclaimer: The views of columnists published on Parent24 are their own and therefore do not necessarily represent the views of Parent24.

Do you agree that it’s ok for female ejaculation to take place while TTC? Either comment below or join in the discussion on our forums.
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