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Fertility Problems

Treating infertility with urine therapy

Urine has been described as the Waters of Life and many swear by its healing properties. Read More

Get a check on your fertility

Before you try to conceive, getting your fertility checked out might be a good idea. Read More

Man with reconstructed penis fathers child

Reconstruction surgery after botched circumcision allows man to become father. Read More

‘Dear son, it was an honour to hold you’

One man’s love letter on the loss of his son will break your heart. Read More

Budget baby defeats infertility

Couple uses cut-price drugs to beat infertility fall pregnant after 5 years. Read More

I believed I was pregnant

A woman who believed that she was 41 weeks found out she wasn't pregnant at all Read More

A small sausage may harm baby-making

Processed meats, even as little as one rasher of bacon a day can ‘reduce fertility’. Read More

Actress 'abused alcohol after losing baby’

Late That 70’s Show star spoke about miscarriage link to alcohol abuse. Read More

5 facts about sperm

Want to know which insect has the longest sperm cells? Or are you curious about what's in your own sperm? Here are the crazy facts. Read More

Shifting your aura of infertility

Can the ancient Japanese art of Reiki help women cope with infertility? Read More

Egg yolk fertility- madness or miracle?

Fertility treatment fad involves injections of egg yolk and oil. Read More


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