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Health & Safety

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Struggling to tie your tubes?

Do men find it easier than women to find doctors willing to sterilise them? Read More

Boob jobs and babies

When is it okay for moms to explore plastic surgery? Read More

Pregnant in Grade 3

More primary school girls are getting pregnant- as young as 8-years-old. Read More

The most effective birth control, ever!

100% effective birth control method involves exploding (sort-of) sperm. Read More

How 'sticky' eggs capture sperm

Scientists have uncovered exactly how a human egg captures an incoming sperm to begin the process of fertilization. Read More

Aspirin won't benefit IVF

Women undergoing IVF are often told that a daily aspirin will help boost the odds of success, but recent research doesn't agree. Read More

5 facts about sperm

Want to know which insect has the longest sperm cells? Or are you curious about what's in your own sperm? Here are the crazy facts. Read More

The fight against unsafe abortions

An estimated 5.5 million unsafe abortions occur in Africa every year. With 40% of those women dying, something needs to be done. Read More

Do fertility ovulation monitors work?

This TTC hopeful takes a fertility ovulation monitor for a test run and shares her experiences. Read More

Choosing a baby’s gender

By testing and selecting embryos, couples can be sure of having the baby of their gender choice. Here’s how. Read More

Obese? Fertility treatment is less successful

Obese women undergoing IVF may be half as likely as their normal-weight counterparts to have a baby. Read More


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