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Boob jobs and babies

When is it okay for moms to explore plastic surgery?

Health & Safety

Pregnant in Grade 3

More primary school girls are getting pregnant- as young as 8-years-old.

Health & Safety

The most effective birth control, ever!

100% effective birth control method involves exploding (sort-of) sperm.

Health & Safety

How 'sticky' eggs capture sperm

Scientists have uncovered exactly how a human egg captures an incoming sperm to begin the process of fertilization.

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5 facts about sperm

Want to know which insect has the longest sperm cells? Or are you curious about what's in your own sperm? Here are the crazy facts.

Health & Safety

The fight against unsafe abortions

An estimated 5.5 million unsafe abortions occur in Africa every year. With 40% of those women dying, something needs to be done.

Health & Safety

Do fertility ovulation monitors work?

This TTC hopeful takes a fertility ovulation monitor for a test run and shares her experiences.

Health & Safety

Choosing a baby’s gender

By testing and selecting embryos, couples can be sure of having the baby of their gender choice. Here’s how.

Health & Safety

Obese? Fertility treatment is less successful

Obese women undergoing IVF may be half as likely as their normal-weight counterparts to have a baby.
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