Primary school

Lego salutes legendary #WomenOfNasa

The popular Danish toy company is set to release one of their most momentous play sets yet - #WomenOfNasa!

Primary school

The gamification of education

Using games in the classroom is a great way to teach kids in a more creative and efficient way.

High school

Africa needs more women in computer science. How can we make this happen?

African women need to step up and be part of the revolution - changing industries which have been dominated by men for far too long.

Tertiary education

This deaf woman gets Masters degree using not English, but SA sign language

After battling with her Master's dissertation, this student overcame the odds and proceeded to obtain her qualification in a different, dynamic way.

Primary school

Lessons from Africa prove the incredible value of mother tongue learning

Successful education cannot occur unless children understand the language through which it is provided.

Primary school

Maths: Finger calculations the Indian way

Curious to know how the Indian school children do fast calculations on their fingers?

Primary school

Abacus counting: how to do calculations the Japanese way

If you think an abacus is something preschoolers use to learn to count to 10, or all the way up to 100, get ready to learn a whole new way of doing maths!

Primary school

Why children's books teaching diversity is crucial

We live in a global village, where we are all connected by technology, so why aren't we educating our kids about all the diversity out there?

Primary school

African girls don't suck at maths and science

There has been this misconception that girls aren't good at maths and science. We need to change this fallacy.

Learning difficulties

Down syndrome won't keep me down: four friends open own pizza business!

Struggling to fight discrimination and find jobs, four friends, each living with Down syndrome, decided to open their own catering service – and it's thriving.

Tertiary education

Matrics, here’s all you need to know about the National Benchmark Tests (NBT)

The National Benchmark Tests (NBT) assess how ready you are for tertiary studies in South Africa. Here's everything you need to know about the registrations, test schedules and deadlines.

Tertiary education

Struggling with learning in English? Take excellent notes!

Many or most tertiary students in South Africa are studying in their second or third language. Researchers have found that writing notes and assignments in English really help a student's comprehension of the subject.

Primary school

Deadline: enrol your child now for 2018!

Western Cape parents are told not to wait.

Primary school

What's lurking in your child's school bag?

From "saved" fish to yogurt from last week...

High school

Important school dates for 2017

Mark these sport, academic and cultural dates in your family's calendar!

Primary school

Top recycling SA school announced

Kabega Primary School in Port Elizabeth showed particular gusto with their recycling and community clean-up projects.

High school

"I am a wolf parent": confessions of a matric mom

Jennifer Crocker, whose last child just finished matric, reflects on the way she brought her kids up.

High school

APP FOR THAT: Back to school? Try Break Thru

Break Thru is an exciting new app connecting South African learners with qualified tutors.


Does your school have an effective anti-bullying strategy?

How does your child's school work to curb and deal with bullying? In what way is it effective? Share the system and procedures to help other headmasters, teachers and governing bodies formulate better strategies in their schools too.

Primary school

SA kids shine at Mental Maths Championships in South Korea

26 pupils from the A+ Students organisation represented South Africa at the PAMA Global Mental Maths Championships in Seoul.

Tertiary education

South Africa’s universities can do more to make disabled students feel included

It’s not enough just to enrol disabled students at universities. They need particular support.

High school

Matriculant with 97% average shares her secrets

Christine Vivier from Kuilsrivier has four tips for the class of 2017.

High school

How teachers can use virtual reality

Virtual reality technology can change the way students learn, and it's becoming more accessible.

Primary school

Should girls wear dresses to school? Our readers respond

Parent24 readers share their thoughts on our much-talked-about article.

Primary school

Right, left or mixed-handed?

How children's brains develop to make them right or left handed (and why being left handed is fine).

Primary school

When back to school isn't cool

Having been born with physical challenges and dyslexia meant the young John Demartini wasn't fond of school – initially. But then he realised the true value of learning, and today he inspires thousands to embrace school and their inner genius. Here he shares tips to help support your child who thinks school just isn't for them.

Primary school

Is your child's school bag too heavy?

Protect your child from back pain with these simple steps.

High school

South Africa can’t compete globally without fixing its attitude to maths

Investing in pupils’ maths skills is an investment in a country’s economy.
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