Matric past exam papers Matrics 2017!

High school


High school

Flashcards and the Leitner system: Here's how to memorise facts for exams

Flashcards are not just for preschoolers. They're great to help anyone memorise facts in a flash.

High school

Study styles: Help your teen find the one that suits him best

Visual or auditory, logical or social... or perhaps a combination of some? Get the best out of your child whether they're writing their very first exam, or pulling late nights to ace matric finals.

High school

Innovative robotics skills program teaches SA teens how to build a Mars Rover

For the first time in South Africa, 600 learners across the country will be able to explore robotics as a viable career option.


PRINTABLE: 5 things to remember when studying for exams

Check out this printable for useful exams tips and reminders before finals start.

High school

Readers respond: Springbok disappointment trumps top-ranking rugby schools

See how readers responded to the top-scoring rugby schools of 2017.

High school

SA's top rugby schools 2017

New hope for the Springboks with South Africa's top rugby schools.

High school

Grade 11 study guides: Mathematics & Maths Literacy

Download study guides to help you with your upcoming Mathematics exams.

High school

Grade 10 study guides: Mathematics & Maths Literacy

Download study guides to help your Grade 10 child with their upcoming maths and maths literacy exams.

High school

Scrapping compulsory mathematics will not solve problem, say accountants

Professional accountants say students should be required to take maths at school and the government needs to employ skilled teachers

High school

Grade 9 subject selection: how to help guide your child

The long and short of what you need to know, so you can help guide your teens through career-determining decisions.

High school

Teach your kids to see difficulty this way and they're more likely to succeed

Does the key to motivation lie in what is perceived as difficult or easy? Researchers dissect what really matters when it comes to motivation and how this can be taught.

High school

The future of learning: applying artificial intelligence to education

Looking at the great potential Artificial intelligence holds for both students and teachers.

High school

Get the kids out of holiday mode

Here's how to get the kids ready for the third term of school.

High school

Does virtual reality have a place in the classroom?

VR and AR technology could have a great impact on the way children understand abstract concepts.

High school

South African team scores bronze in Pan African Maths Olympiad

This year the South African team came third overall, behind Tunisia and Morocco with four individual bronze medals.

High school

Readers respond: Why scrapping maths is a bad idea

Our readers share their passionate opinions on why maths should remain a compulsory subject for grades 7 - 9.

High school

Why scrapping maths is a bad idea

The Department of Basic Education is considering doing away with mathematics as a compulsory subject.

High school

Unhappy with your child’s grades last term? There's an app for that

Has the July holidays been tainted by a bad report? Here are a few tutoring options to consider next term round.

High school

Why it's a problem that South Africans don’t know much about science

Most South Africans don’t visit places where they can learn about science such as zoos and museums.

High school

Should schools suspend pupils who violate school hairstyle codes?

According to a recent report by News24, a Durban based private school learner has been suspended due to an 'exotic' hairstyle.

High school

Where are the suburban schools?

Read what the Growth Institute has to say on the noticeable absence of suburban schools at the annual free Career Expo in Gauteng. Do you agree?


Foods for studying students

Matrics face many challenges during their final exams but a balanced diet is one way to make sure they perform at their best.

High school

International sports career beckoning? These are the subjects to take at school

These are the subjects you'll need if you want to join one of major athletic associations in America.
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