Useful exam resources for all grades in SA
A handy list of study guides, learning material and video lessons for all grades.

Exams are stressful, aren't they? 

And just as much as it stirs up anxiety for our children, it's nearly as hectic (and sometimes a little more) for parents. 

Here are a few handy study resources to get you and your child through end-of-year exams. 

Paper Video 

Paper Video boasts South Africa's biggest compilation of educational videos for Grades 8-12.

Paying users get access to more than 700 hours of tutoring.  They've also made 1 250 exam questions and explainer videos completely free to all learners. 

To view the materials, students need either a smartphone or desktop computer. 

Subjects covered include mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, natural sciences and accounting. 

Cost: Pricing ranges from free to R1199

Visit  for more information.

Pearson Southern Africa

One of the leading publishers in the coutry, Pearson Southern Africa have converted their best selling hard-copy educational content into interactive eBooks. 

Their Instamaths, Platinum, and Smart-Kids book series are suitable for primary school learners, while the X-kit Achieve Study Guides and Focus books are ideal for Grades 8-12. 

All study material is based on the South African curriculum. 

Cost: Varies per eBook

For details visit


For Grades 1 to 9, ASP-School Projects offer a selection of downloadable practice tests, exam papers, regularly updated study guides, as well as spelling and grammar guidelines in both English and Afrikaans. 

Once subscribed to the required grade, users gain access to learning materials for a year. 

Cost: R399 - R1050

Get more information on ASP-SchoolProjects by visiting


WorksheetCloud makes exam prep a breeze not only for your child but also for you. 

Based on the CAPS syllabus and suitable for Grades 4 to 8, the WorksheetCloud platform is interactive, providing learners with instant assistance on worksheets and mock exam papers they complete.  

A tracking system makes it possible for you to check up on your child's study schedule. 

Students also rack up actual prizes, like online shopping vouchers, as a fun incentive. 

Cost: R95 per month, special package deals are offered for annual payments. 

For details visit

Macmillan Education South Africa 

Macmillan Education South Africa is the comprehensive publishing company offering both hard-copy and digital learning materials. 

Their content is unique as study resources are available for every grade, in every South African language, and covers each subject; from maths and physics, to business studies and accounting. 

Their highly recommended text book series Clever and Solutions for All are available as an eBook and can be downloaded via their website.         

Cost: Varies per eBook 

Visit and take a look at their catalogue. 

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