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Should girls wear dresses to school? Our readers respond

Parent24 readers share their thoughts on our much-talked-about article.

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How to make bag charms

Bag charms liven up any school bag or backpack. They are a great way for kids to express their personalities. Here are some suggestions

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Why do we still make girls wear skirts and dresses as school uniform?

Wearing a skirt can prevent girls from being active and eventually from participating in sports, as this Australian researcher found.

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Should schools replace detention with meditation?

A US school is seeing drastic results after it replaced detention with meditation. Would this work in South Africa?

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"Don't blame language when the education system is broken"

Readers respond to an article about how language is used in schools.

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Crowd-fund a teacher or maths class!

Want to help? Sponsor a teacher's digital training or a primary school digital maths programme through the ground-breaking 'I Support Education' programme.

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What could you possibly teach a principal?

Teachers teach, so they should know everything, right? Wrong. They're just like any other person, they too have things to learn and you can play a part in helping.

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Why Kenya wants to overhaul its entire education system

The new curriculum will ensure that school-leavers will be ready for the working world.

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7 '21st Century Skills' your kids should be learning

Prioritising the Three Rs above all else at school is now officially defunct.

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How music-inspired free play can nurture creative young minds

It's been said that music positively stimulates various parts of the brain and its power should not be underestimated when it comes to learning and creative expression.

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Quiz: Can you spell better than a 10-year-old?

The South African Spelling Bee competition will be hosted on 1 October 2016. Can you identify the correct spelling of these words our bright 10- to 12-year-olds have to learn?

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What does secure estate living have to do with your children’s education?

SPONSORED: Find out why more and more families are considering living in an estate.

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Does too much TV lead to the need for OT?

Increased screen time can lead to higher need for occupational therapy for SA kids.

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Reader's Letters: Schooling system 2017

This reader shares her thoughts surrounding the schooling systems for 2017.

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How mobile phones are disrupting teaching and learning in Africa

Gina Porter tells us why cellphones in school are not always a good thing.

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So how was the first day of school for you?

Tell us how you felt this morning when you dropped off your child at school.

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Readers respond to religious schooling

When your children are in a religious school and you're an atheist.
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