School and Teen

Amazing school lunch bags

Dad draws amazing pictures on his son's lunch bag's every day for 2 years.

School and Teen

Imagination to change the world

The way kids see it, the world is full of possibilities.


Daddy took my ear and nose!

Every dad has probably played the "got your nose" trick with their kids. Watch as this little boy overreacts as when his dad "steals" his ear.


Pancake Art

Dads all over are getting creative when it comes to their kids' favourite breakfasts.


Parent24's little readers

There's nothing cuter than kids who love to read.

Pregnancy and Birth

Beautiful baby bumps

Pregnant moms share their gorgeous baby bumps with us.


How kids say thank you

Grab the tissues! These cute kids teach us how to really say thank you.


Cute kids sleep in crazy positions

Tired kids won't let anything stop them from having a good snooze.


Movies starring Robin Williams to watch with your family

Celebrate the memory of Robin Williams with these 12 family movies.


18 awful siblings

Everyone who has a sibling will relate to this video. And even if you don't, it's hilarious.
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