Mom's health

Your trimester meal plan

Give your growing baby the correct nutrients at every stage of your pregnancy; all while keeping your energy levels up, your blood sugar levels stable and your weight gain in check. 

Mom's health

6 normal but unexpected side effects of having a bump

You were prepared for a growing tummy and morning sickness, but have some odd pregnancy side effects taken you by surprise? We tell you why they are ordinary...

Getting Ready

12 important questions to ask your doctor or midwife

Here is a list of questions to ask your gynae or caregiver. 

Getting Ready

How he feels about your pregnancy

So just how do expectant fathers experience nine months of waiting?


Q&A: Can I have a natural birth after having a c-section 8 years ago?

I would like to know if it's possible to have a natural birth. I have an eight year old child who I gave birth to via c-section and I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant. I asked my gynaecologist if it's possible to give birth naturally and he advised that it's a high risk. There was an article I once came across that explained that if you gave birth via c-section it takes three years for the wound to be completely healed and then you can have a natural birth- is this true? 


Epidurals: the pros & cons

Know all your pain relief options and facts before you go into labour. 

Think about

All kids should react to baby announcements like this!

Five-year-old boy has the best reaction to discovering he’s going to be a ‘big bruvva’.

How's the Foetus

What is placenta calcification?

And can it be dangerous for to you and your baby?


What is back labour?

Many women prepare for the experience of birth by working on their health, exercising and becoming more educated about labour. One thing women hope they don't have is the dreaded 'back labour'. 
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