Pregnancy health

Curing morning sickness naturally

Most women experience morning sickness at some stage during their pregnancy. What are the safe natural remedies to ease the symptoms of this common but sometimes debilitating condition?

Positive Parenting

7 top stories of the week you shouldn't miss

From pregnancy shoots to fashion rip-offs, school bugs to winning bakkies, easy-peasy chicken biryani to the little prince and antique Antarctic photos – here are this week's best stories from our lifestyle sites.


Underwater pregnancy shoots: the new "thing"!

Is this the new, fashionable way for expectant moms to capture their pregnancies? We talk to a US photographer who shoots these #mermaidmoments.


Different pelvic shapes and what they mean for your birth experience

The shape of your pelvic cradle is an important component in determining the outcome of your birth experience. Here are the four basic types.

Pregnancy health

How to keep your unborn baby safe

You probably are questioning everything you do or eat. Here are the answers to some common concerns you may have.

Pregnancy health

10 weeks pregnant? Things to know

Read more about your ongoing doctor’s visits, Medical aid, RH incompatibility, illness and pregnancy.


"I gave birth during my matric exams"

Backed by a supportive family, the desire to achieve and a sense of humour, Kate Mazomba gave birth the day before her final matric maths exam. She went on to succeed.

Foetal development

Quiz: Do you know your foetus?

Take our quiz and test your unborn baby knowledge.

Pregnancy health

Tissue oils: make the switch

...and see the difference twice as fast. PARTNERED WITH JUSTINE.


Identical twin sisters give birth on same day, at same time

These sisters share the same birth date and now their babies do too!

Getting Ready

How to choose your hospital for birth

Consider these 12 questions when you choose your hospital.

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30 kick-ass baby names for girls

Trying to be tactful in naming your baby girl? Here are 30 to choose from for your little diva.

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Eric and 29 other strong baby names for boys

Looking for a boys name with a strong meaning? Here are 30 to choose from for your little champ.

Pregnancy health

"Hyperemesis gravidarum landed me in ICU"

Lara Stroud shares her experience of extreme vomiting in three pregnancies and losing her first pregnancy in this story of pain and perseverance.

Pregnancy health

Read: 8 signs mom needs help urgently

Postpartum psychosis can be catastrophic, but what are the signs?

Foetal development

Amazing conception to birth video

Watch this TEDTalks video and see exactly what develops from conception to birth in the womb.


"I gave birth in my dad's car"

This reader shares her nerve-wracking but beautiful birth experience.


"Hospital birth? Never again!"

A reader shares her horrific birth experience and vows to never give birth in a hospital again.

Getting Ready

5 reasons to choose a Doona

Here's why the Doona is the perfect way to transport your new bundle of joy.


Will a natural birth affect my future sex life?

Pregnancy should be a pleasant journey, but many women often worry about their sex life after giving birth naturally.


Miracle baby born to brain-dead mother

Doctors at a Lisbon hospital have delivered a baby almost 4 months after the mother was declared brain dead.

Pregnancy health

Best and worst foods to eat during pregnancy

The best foods for growing a healthy baby and the ones you need to avoid.

Getting Ready

11 things to do when finding out you're pregnant

Something's clued you in - whether it's a missed period, tender breasts, a positive home pregnancy test or an unexplained bout of nausea. You're expecting! What next?
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Want to know what your baby looks like and what you can expect at this stage?


Everything from parties to pre-schools in your area.



Dressing your little one

After six years your little one will go from being completely dependent to being independent. A big sign of their independence is that they can finally dress themselves without your help.

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