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Aaban (F)

Meaning: Name of the angel.

Aadil (M)

Meaning: Just; upright.

Aahil (M)

Meaning: Prince.

Aaminah (F)

Meaning: Secured; safe.

Aanisah (F)

Meaning: Young lady; maiden.

Aara (F)

Meaning: Adoring.

Aariz (M)

Meaning: Respectable man.

Aasia (F)

Meaning: Hope.

Aatif (M)

Meaning: Kind; affectionate.

Aabidah (F)

Meaning: Worshipper.

Aadilah (F)

Meaning: Just; honest; equal; upright.

Aaliyah (F)

Meaning: Exhalted; highest social standing.

Aabish (F)

Meaning: Daughter of Sa'd who was queen of Iran (AN).

Aafreen (F)

Meaning: Brave; acclaim.

Aamilah (F)

Meaning: Doer of good deeds.

Aamirah (F)

Meaning: Imperial; Abundant; Inhabitant.

Aamir (M)

Meaning: Civilised.

Aaqib (M)

Meaning: Follower.

Aarif (M)

Meaning: Knowing; aware.

Aasif (M)

Meaning: An able minister.

Aatika (F)

Meaning: Generous.

Aarifah (F)

Meaning: Knowing; woman who recognises Islam.

Aashir (M)

Meaning: Living.

Aasim (M)

Meaning: Person who keeps away from sins.

Abbas (M)

Meaning: Description of a lion.

Abdul Ahad (M)

Meaning: Servant of the One.

Adam (M)

Meaning: Son; man.

A'idah (F)

Meaning: Guest; the one who is returning.

A'ishah (F)

Meaning: Wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Almira (F)

Meaning: 'Trust without question'.

Achmed (M)

Meaning: Praiseworthy.

Abdullah (M)

Meaning: Servant of God.

Abdu Daiyaan (M)

Meaning: A mighty ruler, judge, protector; one who doesn't render deed worthless but compensates.

Afsheen (F)

Meaning: Shine like a star.

Aisha (F)

Meaning: Life; vivaciousness; living prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet (PBUH).

Aleena (F)

Meaning: Silk of heaven.

Ali (M)

Meaning: Noble; sublime.

Alima (F)

Meaning: Wise; learned; learned in music and dancing.

Amal (F)

Meaning: Hope; longing.

Amelia (F)

Meaning: Trustworthy; beautiful.

Amir (M)

Meaning: Prince.

Amira (F)

Meaning: Princess.

Aqeel (M)

Meaning: Intelligent; sensible; reasonable.

Azim (M)

Meaning: Protector.

Azzam (M)

Meaning: Resolute or persevering.


Bashir/Bashiera (M) (F)

Meaning: Bearer of glad tidings; bringer of good news.

Baqir (M)

Meaning: Learned; lion.

Bilal (M)

Meaning: Satisfies thirst; name of the Prophet's muezzin (one who calls for prayer).



Daniyal (M)

Meaning: Intelligent.

Daiyaan (M)

Meaning: A mighty ruler, judge, protector; one who doesn't render deed worthless but compensates.

Daania (F)

Meaning: Beautiful.


Ebrahim (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet (Abraham).

Ehsan (M)

Meaning: Charitable.

Elham (F)

Meaning: Inspiring.

Eshal (F)

Meaning: Name of flower in heaven.


Farah (F)

Meaning: Joy.

Farouk (M)

Meaning: One who can distiguish between right and wrong.

Fahim (M)

Meaning: Scholar; learned man.

Farhan (M)

Meaning: Happy.

Fatima (F)

Meaning: One who abstains.

Fayez (M)

Meaning: Victorious.

Fayyad (M)

Meaning: Generous.

Fazil (M)

Meaning: Superior.

Firdaus (F)

Meaning: Garden of paradise.


Ghaalib (M)

Meaning: Victor.

Ghaffar (M)

Meaning: Forgiving.


Hakim (M)

Meaning: Wise.

Hamid (M)

Meaning: To praise.

Haris (M)

Meaning: Guardina; protector.

Hayfa (F)

Meaning: Delicate; slender.

Humaira (F)

Meaning: Red.

Hussein (M)

Meaning: Handsome; beautiful.


Idris (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet.

Igsaan (M)

Meaning: Kindness; beneficence; highest level of faith.

Ilham (F)

Meaning: Inspiration.

Imaad (M)

Meaning: Pillar of strength; support; confidence.

Imran (M)

Meaning: A prophet's name.

Ibrahim (M)

Meaning: Father of multitude; a prophet's name (Abraham).

Iman (F)

Meaning: Faithful.

Isra (F)

Meaning: Night journey.


Jahaan (F)

Meaning: World; universe; cosmos.

Jamal (M)

Meaning: Handsome; beautiful.

Jamila (F)

Meaning: Gorgeous woman.


Kamal (M)

Meaning: Excellence.

Karim (M)

Meaning: Generous; noble.

Khadija (F)

Meaning: Wife of the prophet.

Khalil (M)

Meaning: Close friend.

Khalid (M)

Meaning: Lives forever.


Laiq/Laeeqah (M) (F)

Meaning: Worthy; capable; deserving.

Latief (M)

Meaning: Kindness or gentleness.

Layla (F)

Meaning: Beautiful night; woman of the night.


Mahdi (M)

Meaning: Guided well.

Malik (M)

Meaning: King.

Malika (F)

Meaning: Queen.

Mansour (M)

Meaning: Has divine help.

Manha (F)

Meaning: Gift of Allah.

Masood (M)

Meaning: Good luck.

Muhsien (M)

Meaning: Benefactor; benevolent; charitable.

Mustapha (M)

Meaning: Chosen; One of the prophet's names.

Mariam/Maryam (F)

Meaning: Arabic form of 'Mary', mother of Jesus.

Mohamed (M)

Meaning: Name of the final prophet (PBUH)


Naeem (M)

Meaning: Comfort; grace.

Nabilah (F)

Meaning: Noble.

Nadir (M)

Meaning: Beloved.

Naima (F)

Meaning: Calm.

Naseema (F)

Meaning: Cool breeze.

Nasir/Nasira (M)(F)

Meaning: Supporter.

Nawra (F)

Meaning: Bloom.

Nawaal (F)

Meaning: A heavenly gift.

Nazeer (M)

Meaning: One who warns.

Nooh (M)

Meaning: Name of prophet.

Nuhaa (F)

Meaning: Intelligent; wise; sound-minded.

Nur (M)

Meaning: Light.

Nura (F)

Meaning: Filled with light.

Nihann (M)

Meaning: Latent; hidden; secret.


Omar (M)

Meaning: To flourish or to thrive.



Qadir (M)

Meaning: Full of power.


Rafiq (M)

Meaning: Kind or compassionate friend.

Rahim/Rahima (M) (F)

Meaning: Kind; to show mercy.

Rameez (M)

Meaning: Noble; wise; level-headed.

Rashad (M)

Meaning: Righteous; blameless.

Rashid (M)

Meaning: Right faith.

Rauf (M)

Meaning: To have compassion.

Rayyan (M)

Meaning: Luxuriant; one of the gates of paradise.

Rehan (M)

Meaning: King.

Riyad (M)

Meaning: Garden.

Roshan (M)

Meaning: Bright Light.


Salem (M)

Meaning: Safe; protected.

Salma (F)

Meaning: Safe; peaceful.

Samir (M)

Meaning: Mountain; hill.

Shakira (F)

Meaning: Grateful; thankful.

Shakeel (M)

Meaning: Handsome; good looking.

Sharif (M)

Meaning: Honest; truthful. 


Tahir (M)

Meaning: Pure.

Tariq (M)

Meaning: To strike; night visitor.

Talib (M)

Meaning: One who seeks.

Tayyibah (F)

Meaning: Good; wholesome; virtuous.

Thana (F)

Meaning: Praise.


Umair (M)

Meaning: Intelligent.

Umar (M)

Meaning: Name of the second Caliph.

Usman (M)

Meaning: Name of the third Caliph.


Vega (F)

Meaning: Falling; landing.


Waheed/Waheedah (M) (F)

Meaning: Unique.

Widad (F)

Meaning: Unity; harmony; love.

Wisaal (F)

Meaning: Reunion; when lovers meet.



Yasin (M)

Meaning: Famous; wealthy.

Yazid (M)

Meaning: Increase.

Yumna (F)

Meaning: Blessing; favoured.

Yusra (F)

Meaning: Prosperous.


Zaida (F)

Meaning: To raise; boost.

Zara (F)

Meaning: Radiant.

Zayaan (F)

Meaning: Something beautiful; bright.

Zeeshan (M)

Meaning: A high standard.

Zeinab (F)

Meaning: Flower of the desert.

Ziyad (M)

Meaning: To add or to increase.

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