New dad takes a brave selfie
Risky business for a daring dad.
No, this is not the selfie of the dad. This is a photo of an admired Spanish character taken by the brave selfie-dad. See below. (Instagram)

Photo above via Instagram. 

A recent selfie photo of a new dad has taken the Internet by storm, but the dad wasn't exactly the only focus of attention. 

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Immediately behind the proud looking father is his birth. 

According to the new dad/photographer his wife wanted him to take a picture of their facial expressions during the moment of the birth of their daughter.

Hilarious comments from the public ranged from "Sorry to hear she'll grow up without a father" to "Guys, she's not going to kill him, he's now the go-to guy for everything. Evverryythiinggg." 

It is alleged that the selfie-dad has not yet been harmed. 

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Original image via Imgur

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